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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Another half cooked but fully cocked and loaded Sunday Sermon of sorts.

“Co-operation, especially in Britain, is often described as joint-stock individualism; and such as it is now, it undoubtedly tends to breed a co-operative egotism, not only towards the community at large, but also among the co-operators themselves. It is, nevertheless, certain that at it’s origin the movement had an essentially mutual-aid character.” - Peter Kropotin.
“A future fair for all” that’s what New Labour are telling us they’re all about. I’m sure they said that a few years back as well and look what’s happened ; The New Labour Regime have preceded and perpetuated a system that is anything but fair. Lets look at a few things: Is it fair that British troops are fighting wars without proper equipment MOD while civil servants get paid bonuses, Is it fair that the standard of education and health services depend on where you live, that bankers get bonuses and rewards for failure, where politicians can cheat a system they created. The list is endless, but you get the picture.
And what’s this David Cameron talking about co-operatives and giving Public Sector Workers the opportunity to sack the bosses. For fucks sake how fucked up is their system when on paper you’ve got Conservatives trying to sell ideas that were traditionally the domain of the left. The whole Labour movement grew out of groups of workers like The Rochdale Pioneers, a group of weavers from Rochdale, The Tolepuddle Martyrs, Friendly Societies, The Trade Unions all historically Socialist movements with co-operation at their heart, who came together voluntarily with the aim of making a better life for the workers. Oh how those that fought for those rights must be tuning in their graves when they see how they have been given so freely away in the pursuit of individualism over the social collective.
The new breed of politician are chasing anything and saying anything to try and secure votes and keep themselves in power. As we in Britain approach the next General Election there seems to be little between Labour and Conservative ideals/values, things seem to be converging to a one party state.
I wonder how this Conservative Co-Operation would work? True co-operation comes from the people/workers themselves, imposing co-operation from the top down would just lead to an authoritarian dictatorship. An imposition of values and ideas, or a taking over and co-opting the struggles of a group of individuals would be Conservative Co-Operation. In the past Co-operatives have had their base in Economic struggles for wages and conditions.
Social Co-operatives, Conservatives talk of workers running public services, makes some sort of sense in theory, in practice…. I dunno control by committee? Replacing one bureaucracy with another form of power in the hands of a few.
How long before the case for assisted suicide gets reviewed by one of the political parties? A growing elderly population, becoming an economic strain on the country, families financially unable to support the care of a relative who’s quality of life is non existent anyway, what with the emergence of high profile cases were relatives have assisted in the death of loved ones, and a growing amount of support for the right to die. Don’t vote for Labours death tax, vote for the possibility that under a Conservative government you could see some sort of co-operative that reviews cases of people who want to die in dignity. Pressure groups that currently exist could receive support from the government, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that in 20 years time we’re living or waiting to die in a country that has gone from good parenting guides to state sanctioned suicide. Who would trust the Conservatives with that kind of power, don’t be fooled by the pint in hand pictures! Or whatever propaganda and vote grabbing headlines either party use in order to secure your support in maintaining their system.

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