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Saturday, 27 February 2010

DAVE KUSWORTH AND THE BOUNTY HUNTERS - Live @ Goldwyns, Birmingham 8/1/91

Dave Kusworth is a rare breed of British Rock’n’Roller; untainted by fame or celebrity, but loved by many and with more heart and soul than most. This is raucous and raunchy Rock’nRoll, no heartbreaking or tear jerking, on this recording, more like a smacker on yer lips and a kick up yer arse. Dave's captured here with his Bounty Hunter. Live and direct at Goldwyn's on the mean strausses of downtown Birmingham, in 1991. The recording is a good one from the audience and captures the essence of a Rock’n’Roll show at it’s roughest and rawest. It’s a shame during the 90’s that the Brit-Pop kids took to Creation Records bands like Oasis and The Boo Radleys rather than Dave Kusworth and Nikki Sudden, who were also signed to the label. Here’s what Joe Foster, Co-founder of Creation records had to say about Dave "He's mine and Alan McGee's and Bobby Gillespie's favourite songwriter and he has never really had much recognition. If you ask some American bands, they'll say 'Oh, Dave Kusworth, he's brilliant!' here’s what former Sounds music journo Robin Gibson had to say “Kusworth's songs, vignettes of rape, murder and desolation, brilliantly transmit a Dickensian pallor to the subways and corner shops of Birmingham." This post is for…oh! You know who you are. I’d also like to thank Keith for passing this ‘bootleg’ on to me, I think he said it would be OK for me to share it….So here! you go. If Dave ever visits your town, check him out, saw him live a couple of times with The Bounty Hunters, awesome listening to this reminded me of a gig he did in some club, located in a shopping centre in Shepherds Bush, London, around the same time. I dunno what he’d be like live now, listening to his last album from 2005, (not including the two recently released Best Of’s The Brink and In Some Life Let Gone-Anthology; 1977-2007) Silver Blades, pretty fuckin’ good I would imagine, some things never age, like the power of Rock’n’Roll when played by someone who’s given their life to it. People like Jeremy Gluck and Dan Treacy and who can ever forget Dave’s former Jacobite collaborator Nikki Sudden who did give his life for Rock’n’Roll. These guys matter!


Mark said...

Great post! As a kid growing up near Birmingham in the mid-80s, the music scene was incredible. The first small gig I ever went to was The Rag Dolls at Peacocks with Dave & Nikki doing an acoustic Jacobites set to open. There was a whole host of bands influenced by the Dolls and the Ramones but the scene has never really been acknowledged or documented.

I always think the Bounty Hunters were the band Dogs D'Amour were trying to be and the fact that Dave was also in that band adds weight to my theory. Bus as you say, Dave remains untainted by fame or celebrity and the world is much worse for it.

I've seen him play in recent times and he still plays the classics, still looks great, sounds great but there's never anybody there to see him. It'd be nice if somebody like Mojo picked up on Dave's career and gave him a helping hand.

Here's a video I stuck up for one of Dave's old bands: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-6w9e9cheE

Pipeline said...

'If Dave ever visits your town...'. Ha! I live in hope. Sadly not the most prolific of giggers these days.

Big big thanks for this Nuzz. It will go nicely with your great Stevenage recording. Yeah, the Bounty Hunters, what can you say. Shoulda been, coulda been. Threads is a lost classic...and more. As is the Kusworth 'Bounty Hunters' album, and Wives Weddings and Roses. Recall one BH gig in particular at Dingwalls, Dave looked so Ridiculously cool, he was almost threatening.

Why didn't it happen for Dave? As a fan I can only take a guess that it was because outside of The Jacobites, he made his best albums during 'The Grunge years' . No-one in the industry was interested in skinny rock n rollers and songs with great melodies between 88-91. It was all oversize check shirts, ripped faded jeans and stolen Stooges riffs.

Get out there Kusworth, and do some fucking UK Shows!

nekrodad said...

hey nuzz, thanks my man

nekrodad said...

this is great i just got around to playin it today

planckzoo said...

Thanks, I really think Kusworth is amazing.I'd love to see him live, but I am not holding my breath.

roverinexile said...

Hi Nuzz,
Hope all well and good to see you back.
I downloaded this show, but lost it in a recent hard drive failure. Any chance you still have a copy you could share?

roverinexile said...

Hope you are keeping well despite the current situation. You suggested checking in later to see if you were able to find this show. Did you have any luck?

roverinexile said...

Managed to find this gig from another source. Let me know if you want a copy.