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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Well, that was another week in my life that I'll never get back.

So Wos Bin ‘appenin’ then………Here’s some reaction against the distraction.
England football player cant keep his cock and balls under control, scores own goal while playing away from home. Should people in the public eye have their private affairs exposed to the public? Yes and No. Footballers, MP’s Yes! Rock’n’Rollers No! It’s in their job description. All quite on the Peter Doherty, Wolfman drug death debacle.
Althzheimers and dementia on the increase, well the population is aging so it’s only to be expected. I wonder how long it will take for the state to realise that the idea of assisted suicide might not be such a ‘bad’ thing when compared to the costs of keeping people ‘alive’ in the years ahead.
Alternatively just bring in a load of Doctors with a poor grasp of English, some dodgy qualifications and get them to provide out of hours health cover. That’s if the reports of Dementia and it’s costs are to be believed. Swine flu anyone? Just how much money was wasted on the vaccinations, probably as much as was made in profits by those involved with the drug companies, which included people who wrote the report about the potential pandemic. Why should we believe a word the politicians say, not that some of us do anyway. The expenses scandal is still going on Barbara Follet, my former MP, she resigned a few months back in the wake of expenses scandal even more of a thieving cow now it’s all out in the open; money to keep her fine arts collection safe, six phone lines (probably for all the bullshit she talked.) In the midst of The Chilcot enquiry there’s news of cutbacks in the Armed forces. Blair and Brown send them to fight an unjust and illegal war with no money to support them. What next a European Super Army? Can’t see that as most European Countries saw The War on Terror as what it was/is; Bullshit! and have committed a token number of troops, they know this isn’t really a war. The issue of protection opens the door even more for private armies to spring up and operate in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq and any other places Britain might need to invade in the interest of economic gain all shrouded under a blanket of “these people threaten our freedom“, because after all with a some clever news speak both Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t really ‘wars’ they are conflicts we are engaged in to ‘protect national security’ were soldiers are dying fighting not against another country but against a belief system that will never be killed. If John Terry had been playing for a hardline Iraq/Iranian/Afghan team, he’d have no balls left to play with.

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Anonymous said...

Heard some twat on the radio who’s written a book about why England always lose describe the England captain as an ‘Alpha male’. Alpha Cunt more like.

Alzheimer’s? Bring it on. By the time I’m eighty you will hopefully be able to nip over to Switzerland, down a few glasses of fine Merlot, stick two fingers up and say, Adios Amoebas.