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Sunday, 7 February 2010


In my area, I’ve noticed that the potholes that have recently appeared after the snow fiasco appear to be in the same places as the ones that were repaired after the last bout of cold weather. Many are also on roads that have had resurfacing work done in the last few years. What does this tell us? Well….the words Cheap/Cost cutting/Inefficient and Substandard spring to mind in relation to the work that the council carried out, might as well have used chocolate to fill the holes. Talking of chocolate; why didn’t the Unions and workers at Cadburys do something sooner in relation to the sell out/off to Kraft? I mean they knew it was coming months ago and they know the popularity of the product and knew the concerns of not just the workers but also the consumer. With that in mind I’m sure public support could have been gained to try and stop the take-over, that’s if they really wanted to stop it, after all shareholders did quite well out of it and Cadburys was a company that encouraged workers to become shareholders, so perhaps for reasons of politics a token gesture was all that seemed fit. I mean a demonstration outside Parliament on the day the deal was done seems a bit late to me, might as well not have bothered, just like the council did with the potholes.


Anonymous said...

The tarmac was probably ‘Skimmed’ Nuzz. A trick of the trade. There is no such thing as craftsmanship anymore. Just scammers and chancers, masquerading as honest ‘Back bone of the economy’ small businessmen (Don’t make me fuckin’ laugh), trying, and in most cases, succeeding, in making a quick buck.

Lee said...

My local council claim they haven't got the money to fix the potholes but still seem to be carrying on with all these dumb 'traffic calming' measures, road humps everywhere etc.
Surely they could stick a few sleeping policeman in all the holes?