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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

"Don't make me angry"

So the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been losing the plot; getting angry and shouting. I know how he feels, he’s one of the ****’s that make me angry, with all their bullshit. Apparently Gordon's been bullying his staff, which has turned into some nice pre election propaganda for whoever for whatever. Some members of parliament have called for an enquiry, I think a call to a psychiatrist or anger management councillor might be a better idea, get him to channel his rage into something constructive, like sorting out the fucking mess he’s got the country into. He can't even do a Thatcher and start a war with Argentina over this oil business, No! cos the useless **** has spent all the money on an illegal war over oil in Iraq. He sees the boxes of soldiers they couldn't afford to equip to send to war coming home. We knew the sort of person he was, now perhapes he knows the sort of person he is! Which is why he's getting a bit upset about things; first the tears now the rage. Should have looked after yer 'Moral Compass' Gordon, then maybe the good ship Britain wouldn't be drifting around going in no paticular direction.


nekrodad said...

Hey Nuzz,

No problem with the Kusworth stuff. I thought you may like most of it. And yes Gas Wild was in the mannish boys. The Love Pirates are still around today. But of course Sami's not in the band anymore. Cant wait to see the post your maiking for me in the next few days. Keep up the good work you inspire me to keep my blog going.

Anonymous said...

So Brown has a temper? Hold the fuckin front page. I have yet to meet a man that hasn't.

But your right Nuzz. We need an 'Enquiry', and an 'Investigation', followed by a 'Report', from which hopefully 'Lessons will be learned'.