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Sunday, 24 April 2011


If Jesus died for his sins, does that mean it’s a sin to be different and think differently from the norm? which, if and that’s a big if Jesus ever existed is essentially what he was and did, which is why his enemies nailed him to a cross. The bit when he rose from the dead is when the bollocks started. Sin was something created and perpetuated over the years by ‘his followers’ A powerful weapon for organised religion to use to keep people boxed up and in line, think out of the box step over the line and you’ll burn in the fires of hell. The only sin is to believe everything that we’re told by our leaders (Political, Religious.) and their propaganda machines, the media and the Bible/Koran and whatever other names are given to the good books, that make people do bad things to other humans in the name of Religion. Those who preach against sinning are the biggest sinners in my book!


AZ Jones said...

Really? Died for HIS sins? If he ever existed? What are you talking about? Do your homework. The most documented and scrutenized person who ever was and you say IF? He died for our sins not His, you might know that IF you took the time to investigate. If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. I hope people don't fall for the stuff you just wrote. You don't have to follow or believe Jesus, but at least be factual.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I really should have gone with the JESUS WAS AN ANARCHIST title for this post, not just the Johnny Rotten on the cross picture. When I say his sins, I mean HIS as in the “Jesus died for his sins not mine.“ slogan, and his sins were…. Alternative thinking. History tells us that to some he is the first freedom fighter, I say is because some believe he is still with them, that’s their choice, if they want to place their faith in organised religion and all it’s dogmas. I stand against power structures built to keep people down and in their place. I stand up for free thinking individuals and collectives looking for an alternative, fighting the good fight. Religion preys on 'sinners', those judged, too weak to stand for themselves. Cheers for yer time AZ.