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Monday, 25 April 2011

You'll have to excuse this post, as I've been down the pub and had a few beers.

The smell of Barbeques, bare chested blokes walking around the place, must be a Bank Holiday, and the weathers still hot, aaah! Great Britain, St George and all that. I do hear that the weathers gonna change, might be showers on Friday….Royal Wedding washout! Does anyone apart from the media give a shit?* The Royal Family I suppose….What’s ever happened to James Hewitt? (a ’friend of Lady Di’s) I reckon the Royal Family must have some massive injunction on the media to not print any photos of him….because if they did they’d see that he’s Princes Harry’s dad! Not only does Harry look like him, he certainly doesn’t act like a ’royal’, I mean that Swastika arm band incident (when he dressed up as a Nazi for a fancy dress party) I can’t imagine any other Royal doing that….well maybe Prince Phillip. Prince Charles longest Royal in waiting to be King, it won’t happen….The media have already seen to that, making him out to be some ‘crackpot’ no, they want William and his ‘commoner’ wife Catherine, as the Royal family call her, Kate‘s too common.. The X-Factor Royals. If William does succeed Charles as heir, then it will make a mockery of the Royal family and it’s tradition, if anyone’s gonna be my king, I’d rather he was a ’crackpot’ not some slimy young man of the people, and his trendy wife. If it’s like any of the other Royal marriages it’ll end in infidelity and divorce, which brings us back to Harry. The bastard heir to the throne in waiting, who’ll only be king if Charles and William were killed in a car crash in Paris together.

*I don't care what her dress is gonna look like, she could get married in the nude for all I care, might get me to watch it on the telly though....Come on.... I wonder how many teenagers are gonna grow up wanking over the future Queen? How times have changed....when I was growing up, it was all about wanting to 'FUCK THE MONARCHY!


Longy said...

You should drink more often Nuzz lol

undeadboy said...

Is there a Royal Wedding? Fucking Hell they kept that one quiet!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Careful Nuzz. The Bill have appealed to the plastic flag waving royalists to be their 'Eyes and ears' on the day and inform them if they spot people voicing opinions like yours. Any dissent will be dealt with ROBUSTLY!!!

ROBUSTLY I tells ya!