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Friday, 8 April 2011

UK SUBS - Scum Of The Earth

What can I say about the UK Subs…. No lover of Rock’n’Roll should be without at least one UK Subs album, and there’s a fair few of ‘em to choose from. Their latest Work In Progress is one of their best ever, and one of my favourites. Available from Captain Oi Records. Scum Of The Earth is a best of compilation, which I found on tape in a charity shop for the bargain price of 25p. The recordings on it are drawn from what some say is their golden age between 1978 - 82, when the Subs were beamed miming badley into the nations living rooms with appearances on Top Of The Pops, it was a time when Punk Rock shook the walls. So if you haven’t got any UK Subs here’s something for ya! If you have and you don’t wanna be wasting your time here, why not take a trip to Time and Matter; for all the latest old’n’new news on those United Kingdom Subversives. They gonna be supporting Motorhead on Tour in November.


Kostas said...

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Anonymous said...

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keep on fighting!