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Sunday, 24 April 2011

MC5 - Kick Copenhagen!

Today’s musical offering comes from the mighty MC5, at a time when they weren’t so mighty and should really have been called the MC2. Michael Davis had left the band in Feb, Dennis Thompson and Rob Tyner followed suite at the beginning of November, leaving Wayne Kramer and Fred Smith to carry on with some stand in session musicians, and share the vocals between them, it was the first time they’d sung some of the songs. not many MC5 classics, the set mainly consists of standard Rock’n’Roll covers Gloria, Louie Louie, but Ramblin’ Rose and Kick Out The Jams are there, and despite this not being a prime cut of MC5, more past the sell by date, for completist consumption only, Kramer and Smith still bring power and passion to their playing, This gig on Nov 23rd 1972 at The Beat Forum in Gladsaxe, Denmark was one of the last dates on what some refer to as the bands ‘Heroin riddled European tour’ the remaining gigs were cancelled by Italian promoters when they found out it wasn’t the complete band they’d booked. By the end of the year the band were no more and it would be another 20 years until they played together again, at a benefit for singer Rob Tyner who’d died suddenly in 1991 Fred’Sonic’Smith passed away in 1994, the remaining members still perform under the name DTK MC5, showing the young pretenders how it’s done. Thanx to stringybob over at the Bob Juice Forum for letting me post this.


Alltid Rött Alltid Rätt said...

This gig is so great!

Anonymous said...

Great as this blog !!!
Thanks mate.

Anonymous said...


Could you re-post "Kick Copenhagen"? I'm on a MC5 tear, and can't get enough.

Also, is "Nuzz Prowling Wolf" a Clash/White Man reference?

Anyway, great blog! Appreciate all the great music.