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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Just a quick reminder.

In times of economic crisis, unemployment, political uncertainty and general social shit, far right politics usually rear their ugly head. Whether Britain is in crisis, uncertainty or the shit depends on yer view point and how much you believe the media.

For every ’illegal immigrant’ who’s travelled thousands of miles to Britain and got a job, there’s a hundred Brits who can’t be bothered to get off their arses and walk a hundred yards down the road to try and find one. For every ‘foreigner’ claiming benefit there’s a hundred Brits falsely claiming benefits. If we want someone to blame, we should blame the successive governments and their immigration policies and benefit systems, and the bosses and their low wage/cheap labour maximum profit margins.

Rather than change their systems they will try and tell us that the Alternative Vote will enable far right parties like the BNP to gain political power, yeah….but that’s only if people vote for them, but lest we forget….the biggest Fascists are the ones controlling our lives at the moment, with their Big Reich Society idea.

I heard one of those the TV gardeners on the BBC telling people to get together and “bully their neighbours into tidying up their garden if it was scruffy!” Forcing people into work….yeah I know there are people taking the piss out of the benefit system, or are there….whatever, there are also genuine cases. Anyway….their capitalist system requires an underclass to keep it turning, people to blame, to judge and portray to the rest of ‘respectable society’ as a reason for all its laws and policies and why we have to be controlled.

We don’t want to end up like them do we, no we’ll aspire to be better, to own our houses to be in debt, to work as slaves for their machine, until they tell us we can stop, with no pension because they’ve spent it on wars to bring democracy to other countries, and let the bankers gamble it away, then….they cut our services, our wages get frozen, people lose their jobs and they talk of ‘getting everyone into work’ But….the private sector will ’pick up the slack’ yeah….pay shit wages, cheap service for maximum profit for the shareholders and bosses.

But we know this already, its what we do about it that matters from civil disobedience, to challenging Racist views in the workplace to writing letters to the local papers, to engaging with people about how we are all in it together and their way isn‘t the only and best way out of the shit they produced. We are their big society so lets tell ‘em what we want and how we want to live, not how they want us to live.


Anonymous said...

We'e not listening to people like you. Anymore.

Anonymous said...

maybe you need a new colony for the looting and killing.eye for an eye brother.i dont speak english.by the way thanks for U.K.Subs