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Saturday, 1 October 2011

It's only words.

“HATRED AND PREJUDICE SPREAD THROUGH OUT THE LAND / WHERE PEOPLE CRITICISE WHAT THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND / THEY LOOK NO DEEPER THAN WHAT THEIR EYES SEE / THEY LOOK NO DEEPER THAN WHAT’S ON T.V“ I wrote those words in 1988. In 1992 they formed the basis for lyrics to a song by a band I was playing in. I’ve re-issued them for this post in 2011, because something’s never change.


Anonymous said...

What if they understand the subject just fine and still want to criticize it? Is it still hatred and misunderstandings? You seem to understand this concept very well. You think you understand so you voice your beef. Isn’t it true that when others take a stand that is diametrically apposed to yours, it’s labeled “hatred” and “misunderstandings”? LOL…!! Freeking little HYPOCRITE. You must first get rid of the beam in your own eye before you can help someone else get rid of the splinter in their own. .

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Would the words “only” or “always” in front of “criticise what they don’t understand” have made a difference to your comment anon? I dunno, but….
It’s about where people get their understanding from that matters, and it’s these sources such as the media that help keep people divided so that our leaders can rule and try to control the hatred and prejudice If people take a stand against opinions of mine, that’s their opinion, so no it’s not true that I hate or misunderstand that opinion, I may not agree with it, but in our so called free world I have to accept that others have their own opinions, and if like that saying “opinions are like arseholes….everyone’s got one.” Then it must follow that the world is full of arseholes. You, me and the neighbour a few doors down from me whose lifestyle is akin to the one that the media has presented about the travellers; anti-social. He’s the first to judge and criticise others, without looking at his own.
I know exactly who I am, and I have no ’beam’ in my eye to get rid of, as for getting rid of the ‘splinters’ in other peoples eyes, well…. Do people want them removed? Or are they quite happy to follow blindly.
I’m not saying my opinions, ideas etc are right, but I do think that sometimes they maybe nearer to the truth than some people would like them to be.
I don’t even have to defend myself against people I don’t know, or haven’t got a name. I could quite easily put on the no anonymous comments control, but I’ve chosen not to, why….because I feel that everyone has a right to their opinion, I may think it’s wrong, but that’s their right, and for me to stop that, would make me a hypocrite, but I would add, that the majority of people who hit on this blog know what they’re gonna get….some good old rock’n’roll and a barrel load of my socialist/communist/anarchist/left wing/shit/misguided/inflammatory/ignorant opinions, other peoples words not mine. So thanks for taking the time to comment anon

Tim O. Peters said...


Anonymous said...

Best sung to the tune of 'Humpty-Dumpty'

the equlaiser