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Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I heard this on the news the other night..... A man who had been jailed for stealing a ginger biscuit during the London Riots of 2012 died while in a maximum security prison. The inquest into his death concluded that both the prison and ambulance services contributed to his death due to the way they handled his treatment. The punishment fits the crime in the Great British Justice system, where people place their trust in the hands of the biggest criminals.

So Cameron has spoken out on immigration, he doesn't want UK Plc to be seen as a 'soft touch' a country were people flock to because of the benefits system. The proposed changes to the benefit system for immigrants, will make very little difference as migrants come here to work, they want to work. It's all part of their great lie that immigrants are taking all our jobs. No they are not, they are just taking the jobs 'our' people don't want to do, or the jobs that 'our' people aren't skilled to do, or the jobs that are low paid because the bosses suppress the wages to increase their profits.

The cold 'extreme' weather continues, unlike the rest of the shit going down we can't do anything about, except wrap up warm and crank the heating up if you can afford it, or if the energy supplies don't run out. We might not be able to change the weather, but they can. I've written about weather modification several times; seeding clouds with chemicals, blasting radio waves into the atmosphere etc. Yeah conspiracy theory territory, but....trust me on this, you don't have to believe me, just think about it. The Chinese government did it a few years ago, it hadn't rained for months, so they 'seeded' the clouds with chemicals, but got it wrong and made it snow instead. Lets face it, if the proposed regulation of the press happens, Britains state control over the media will be on a par with China

Why would they do it? Control and conditioning that's why! Cold weather makes people miserable, and unhappy people are easier to control, they will do and believe things that make them feel better, they can't do anything about the weather, but they can do something about other things like supporting government policies, spending money and believing the media’s propaganda.

Global Warming is big business, blame Global warming for the changes in our climate and people are easy targets for the eco fascists, who's solutions are often over exaggerated and costly, but the changes in the climate give justification to the green economy, when the reality is that our climate has been changing slowly through a natural cycle but the powers that be are making it happen a lot quicker. Then there's the search for new energy supplies, fracking for example is a high risk environmentally unfriendly way of sourcing gas supplies buried beneath the British countryside, but if it means the country can secure cheaper energy supplies for the future many people wont object.

Another news story I heard recently was about a council banning triangular shaped flapjacks, due to Health and Safety. What the fuck! It transpires that during a 'food fight' at a school, one pupil was hit in the eye with one of the lethal flapjacks of mass destruction. My outrage at the stupidity of the local authority, is surpassed by the question, why wasn't the food fight stopped, and the pupils punished, end of story. In a world where there are people starving some young people think it's acceptable to throw food about, it's not only health and safety that's gone mad!

Stories about ginger biscuits and flapjacks are just distractions to take peoples minds from the big picture that is being painting with lies, half truths and distortions. Statistics are manipulated to show what ever they want people to believe, social divisions are created. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and those in the middle complain because they feel they are getting poorer, when they want to be richer.

In conclusion, the big picture isn't a pretty one, no wonder they don't want people to look at it, because if people did they'd see that our leaders no matter what country they are running and ruining are just a collection of cunts who just want total control. You've only got to look at what's going on in Cyprus at the moment to see that.

“One day a real rain will come and wash all the scum from the streets”  WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

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