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Saturday, 16 March 2013

THE METEORS - Live in Lyon 1990

The Meteors emerged from South London in 1980. They injected 1950's Rockabilly with Punk Rock, and their Mutant Psychobilly Rock was born. In their early days they supported The Clash, The Damned, later they gigged with the Anti Nowhere League,  UK Subs, and The Defects amongst others.   Their only peers were The Cramps. Meteors singer/guitarist P. Paul Fenech once said “If The Cramp were the heroine then The Meteors are the amphetamine.”
I saw them live several times during the eighties and their gigs were always an intense psychotic affair, with the bands followers; the wreckin' crew and their chicken dancing, which involved lots of elbows and legs flying about. The Meteors insisted, and still do that their live gigs are a politics and religion free zone, their inspiration came from Horror films, Science fiction and serial killers. Dark and evil, The Meteors spawned a whole stomping scene, centred on London’s Clarendon Ballroom and its Klub Foot nites, with bands like the Guana Batz, Frantic Flintstones, Demented Are Go all emerging in the mid eighties. By 1990  The Meteors line may have changed, but they were still turning in a fine live performance as this recording from Lyon, France in March 1990 testifies. 21 tracks of Pure Psychobilly, including a couple from their debut album In Heaven and a few more from their 1983 genre defining classic Wreckin' Crew, plus a wealth of  Rock'n'Roll tunes given The Meteors treatment.  Their latest album Doing The Lords Work is rather good, slightly less Psycho, more Rock'n'Roll and Surf sounding, but after 30 years only The Meteors are still pure psychobilly.

Thanx to the original uploader of this @ Guitar 101 Forum

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