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Sunday, 17 March 2013


No words can describe my feelings about this man, no wait up....arrogant, egotistical, self centred, self obsessed cunt/wanker, there's a few. I mean what sort of a person would want to open a museum about themselves, Lewis Hamilton MBE (Massive Bloody Ego) that's who! He wants to build it in either London, or his and also my hometown of Stevenage. He wants to fill it with all the trophy’s he's won, and the helmets he's worn, plus a load of other Formula One racing related rubbish, apparently it's all cluttering up his dads loft. What about a car boot sale or selling it on ebay, that's what most other people would do if they had too much stuff, or donate it to charity. But Lewis Hamilton isn't 'other people', he's a famous celebrity, a local boy who done good, someone we should all be proud of.

I met both him and his dad when he was still driving go-karts. I was helping run a community radio station, and the presenter of the sports show invited him to the studio to be interviewed, I thought Lewis Hamilton was an arrogant little shit then and his dad was just a pushy parent, who would do anything to get what he wanted for him and his son.
I also know the 'rough council estate' he grew up on, and trust me, it is that rough, the street he lived in is no ghetto, and he moved out when he was ten. Then there's the little reported incident of him nearly being expelled from school for a vicious attack he carried out with a friend that left the victim bloodied and with broken ribs. His father took Lewis out of school, before he was expelled, Lewis then returned to take his exams. The word from the school yard was that money changed hands in order for this to happen.
He was also given his own car parking space at the local ASDA, but I have heard that it has been taken away from him because he wasn't using it, well he wouldn't would he, it's a long drive from Switzerland to do yer shopping.
The powers that be in Stevenage will do anything to celebrate his success, not that they played much of a part in it anyway. Lewis Hamilton has done nothing for the town, oh no wait up, he did visit his old Infants and Junior School a few years back, don't recall that he went back to his old Secondary School though, then there was the time he visited the town in disguise with his girlfriend Nicole Shitsinger and went to the cinema. I suppose the next time he visits it'll be to open his fucking museum.

This isn't about the politics of envy, it's about politicians using people with the power to shape others attitudes and values. I do not think that the likes of Lewis Hamilton should be held up as role models for society, when he has debatable morals and values. He has no idea other than living in his own bubble, I mean he soon moved to Switzerland when he had to pay more tax, perhaps he should build his museum there, rather than in Britain, he don’t want to give money to Britain, but he'd be happy enough to take from people, because I can't imagine it would be free to visit 'Hamilton World.' Stevenage Borough Council fully support Lewis's idea, they'd be “very excited to see a lasting celebration of his career ….as an inspiration for future generations in the town.”

Do we really want a nation of more self obsessed arseholes? Well it would appear we do, the PM David Cameron talks of Britain being “An aspiration nation” where people aspire to be someone, which is all well and good, but it's a very individual approach, which forgets about any thought for the collective, or people working together for a common goal. Lewis Hamilton aspired to be a racing driver, which was something he achieved, but there's a hundred thousand more that failed to achieve what they aspired to be, a nation littered with failed Lewis Hamilton's, David Beckham’s and their ilk, were the only aspiration left to them is to appear on the Jeremy Kyle show/X-Factor, or any other 'reality TV ' show.

Talking of people who aren't happy with the amount of tax they have to pay, I'm a bit disappointed with Scum actor Ray Winston, who was saying recently that he was thinking of moving abroad, to avoid paying tax. Fair enough if the rich and high earners aren't happy with the tax system, then they should do something about it. Why don't they take to the streets and protest like the poor have to. I'd like to see all the wealthy and the hard done by celebrities march on parliament in protest, go on Ray tell 'em who's the daddy! A scene that wont happen, why take to the streets of Britain when you can afford to leave the country and move abroad, leaving the rest of us here paying more tax.


Chris Ripple said...

Odd ? I was under the impression that Stevenage already has a museum which has had to close for a couple of days in the week because of cuts ?
That being the case, why on earth would it want another ?

It's the sort of thing that the council would probably go for, tho'.
Trouble is, whose money is going to pay for it ?
Yours ?
Mine ?
I reckon if Hamilton sticks his hand in his pocket and pays for the lot then that may be ok, but if I have to pay even a penny towards it, then that's too damn much. I bet I'm not the only person feels like this ?

Anonymous said...

I cant wait! I need another distraction from the crap that is stevenage with its chav mountain

The Equaliser