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Saturday, 9 March 2013

We have all been framed!

If we make our own truth, then everything we are told must be lies. It's about the power to make people believe a truth that keeps the liars in power.

The British media are welcoming Rumanian and Bulgarian immigrants, by telling the people the country is going to be “invaded” by “hundreds and thousands” of “dirty thief’s” like we can stand in judgement when a school girl gets stabbed on a bus and a pensioner is killed for loose change.
Immigration and Economic migrants helped build Britain then kept it running, from the Irish navies that built the railways and the roads to the Jamaicans that drove the buses and the trains. During Thatchers 80's thousands of Brits became economic migrants and earned 'good money' working on building sites across Europe. There was even a comedy/drama on TV about a group of builders working in Germany. Auf Wiedersehen Pet it was called and millions used to tune in and chuckle at their exploits. (One of the characters; a chirpy cockney bricklayer called Wayne was played by singer/actor and former Heavy Metal Kid , Gary Holton.) It was either all good clean family entertainment or propaganda in a time of high unemployment to encourage people to “get on their bike” and find work elsewhere.

Stabbed by the sullen, sulky and sombre faces of the people you pass in the street. Helpless, hapless and hopeless. These are unhappy, unsure and unforgiving times for many. A world they've helped to create, one of their own making, one where the truth has been exposed as a pack of lies that people still believe. The free market supplied the demand, some demanded more, whether they could afford it or needed it wasn't questioned, they just got it regardless of any responsibility for the future consequences of their actions.

Things will never go back to the way they were, economies will not recover, the good times are no more, if they ever were that good anyway. We are entering a new era and leaving the last error behind, but the leaders never learn the lessons of history, but that is the lesson, they don't want to....we are doomed to repeat and relive everything that has gone, but this time round the death destruction and decay can be seen live and direct on youtube twitter feeds and in glorious 24 hour news channel technocolor 3D High definition. Images of war brought to you by governments and dictators across the world showing the people who believe the lies who has the power, but this is no Hollywood movie with a happy ending, where the good guy wins, because in the real world of global power politics there are no fucking good guys!

Keep calm and carry on complying, not complaining, conforming, not confronting. Our leaders are complacent in the comfort that the people have been conditioned to except any old shit. Yeah scandals might be exposed; the NHS might have killed patients, but that's soon forgotten when Justin Bieber makes his young fans cry when he's two hours late for a concert, or has to stop half way through because he's having breathing difficulties, the only problem is that he's still fucking breathing, while there are refugee children across the world dying trying to escape war and conflict. 

We watch others while others watch us. Spectators and observers. Hands free blue tooth social control. Dumbed down in high definition. Life doesn't live on a TV screen, where a freeview satellite picture perfect reality isn't real. The heads free, empty minds are deaf, dumb and blind to what they see. Desensitized to suffering, the misery of others makes them happy and their own lives don't seem so bad. In a world of SatNav systems, people seem to have lost direction and are going nowhere, but at least there's CCTV surveillance to watch over them, keeping them safe and secure in their slavery and ignorance to the machine and whatever it shows and tells them. If the machine is out of control, it's because people have let it take over their lives and believed its lies!


Kropotkin said...

nice one, one of your best

Anonymous said...

Right Said My Friend.
I See Many Many Same Things Happenning Here In Greece Like The 80's Thatcher's Shit There Then.
Sadly There's Too Much Fear Deep In The Average People's Hearts And The Killers Know It Better Cause THEY FEED IT First Of All.
You Know,It's So Unbelievable That They Take Our Lives And No One Gets So Angry To Go Against It...So Many People Around Me Complaining About The Leaders They Vote For Years...
They 'd Like A "Revolution",A Change But Without Their Sons And Daughters Take Part Of The Fight..
"These Blackest Of Years That Have No Sound,No Shape,No Depth,No Underground.." I Thought It Is 2013 But It's A Double Orwell's 1984...
Keep On Posting Your Thoughts And Supported Musics,You're Doing Great.
And Don't Forget,"The Future Is Unwritten".

magnum farce said...

Well said mate ever though about being a politician lol.

Kostas said...

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Stay Cool , Stay PUNK !!!