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Sunday, 17 March 2013

GOLDBLADE - AC/DC (4-Track CD Single.)

Goldblades lead singer John Robb has been fighting the Punk Rock Wars for a good few years now, from his Blackpool Rox Fanzine and The Membranes, through to his music journalism and books.
The Nineties What The F**k Was That All About is a musical and cultural front-line account of the decade. I haven't read his one on The Stone Roses and The Resurrection of British Pop, I'm not a big Stone Roses fan, but there's no denying the impact they had on modern culture. My copy of Punk Rock An Oral History on the other hand is well worn and read, it's a collection of interviews with fellow Punk Rock front line survivors and also a few casualties. At present John is behind the Louder Than War website which is documenting what's going on musically and culturally right here, right now.
But hey this post wasn't supposed to be all about John, it was ment to be about Goldblade and more specifically this shouty, stompy and catchy slice of punk'n'roll. AC/DC was released in 2002 the four tracks on the single get yer foot stamping the floor and yer fist punching the air, before you floating off feeling lost, lonely and vicious. Turn it up!, Turn it up!  

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