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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bill Gates is....

....one of the worlds most powerful people. He is an evil man, with the power and the means to control all our lives. His Microsoft monopoly has already got people addicted to a virtual world, where happiness is just a click away. The 'computer revolution' has both freed people and enslaved them. It has increased communication, but dumbed down peoples skills and abilities to think and act for themselves without first seeking some facebook status social acceptance.

The pieces of the puzzle are being put in their place. The dots are getting joined. Extreme Weather; Our weather is being controlled, the recent 'bad weather' has been responsible for a reduced amount and quality of food that is being produced, whole crops destroyed, rising wheat prices. What s the solution? GM Food Frankenstein fruit and veg, nature is being fucked with by multi-national firms like Monsanto. Controlling the weather has created the condition were they will be able to say that the increase of GM Foods is necessary in order to 'feed the world' people scared of starvation will we easy to convince that GM Crops are safe and should be used as a substitute for the real thing.

Bill Gates is a major investor in Monsanto.

The death of bees through pesticides or Monsanto mutations, and who knows what else?, well they know, but they aint gonna tell us. Manufactured disease, man made mass vaccination programs. Kill and cure, what better way to stop the population growing, mass sterilisation under the guise of a malaria vaccine, 50p a shot from Comic Relief, well I aint laughing when I hear that Bill Gates and his Foundation are gonna be donating a large amount of money to the Comic Relief charity, to vaccinate children in Africa.

Bill gates, the devil doing gods work. Who put him in charge of the world. In fact who put any of these multi-national corporations in charge of running (or should that be ruining) the world? Our governments that's who, and who puts our governments in charge? The people do! and the people accept what the political puppets do and who they do business with. Governments across the world work for people like Bill Gates to protect the capitalist system.

Money makes the world go round and money makers like Bill Gates have amassed a fortune from governments and people across the world, then like all 'good capitalists' he goes around distributing his surplus cash in the form of charity through his Gates Foundation. Just like Henry Rockefeller before him.

Rockefeller, started all this Charity donation to medicine as a means to carry out a program of eugenics. Coincidently the person who advised Henry Rockefeller to donate his money to medicine went by the name of Frederick T Gates, (dunno if he's a distant relation of Bills, couldn't find anything on the net about him)

America has a history of dodgy vacination/experiments going on, always carried out on the lowest in their society, the blacks. In 1911,the Rockefeller Institute injected hospital patients with syphilis, in 1931 it also injected cancer cell into people, these are just a couple of examples from a long list of unethical human experiments carried out in the United States. In the field of Eugenics, it's not just America that is guilty, Britain had a eugenics program, as did countries such as Belgium, Brazil and Canada, in Sweden their program only ended in 1975. No government or individual is gonna admit that in the 21st Century these sort of things are being carried out, but I'm pretty damn sure they are, what better way to cut down the worlds population, than making future generations infertile, which is why when I hear of a measles outbreak in Britain, I just wonder what else is in the vaccine and just who profits from the sale of it, the NHS are just unknowingly going along with the program.

Capitalist charity philanthropy is just a front and a cover for the rich using their wealth and power as a means to shape the world into their vision. Friends of Bill Gates have described him as “a cold and distant man.” He believes that the world is over populated. I believe these two facts are important when you look at the work his foundation does in medicine across the world, particularly in the field of mass vaccination programs in places like Africa. What else is in the vaccine and what else will it do, what about side effects? It takes someone with no feelings about other people, to distance themselves from what they are doing, which in Bill Gates's case is sterilising the world, so that in the future over population will not be an issue, and there'll be enough of his GM food for everyone to eat.

Weather modification, not only creates the seeds for looking at new forms of food production, but it is also a convenient no questions asked way of killing people off through what are seen as natural disasters. Things happen for a reason, but sometimes the reason needs to happen, situation are engineered by those in and with the power in order for them to prescribe their cures and solutions to a problem that they have either over exaggerated or created.

Bill Gates is fucking with mother nature, and politicians throughout the world have got in bed with him, and between them, they are fucking us all up!  

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you luddite try linux

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