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Thursday, 11 April 2013

THE BOYS - Live in N.Y.C 1981

The Boys have faired better than Chelsea, The Vibrators and The Lurkers, but sometimes their importance in the whole punk rock hulla baloo gets slightly overlooked.
Members of The Damned, The Clash, Sex Pistols and Generation X all passed through Matt Dangerfield's (The Boys Guitarist/Vocalist) basic bohemian basement recording studio. Dangerfield was a member of the legendary, London SS, alongside Mick Jones and Tony James, before the all went their own ways. Matt teamed up with old art school friend Honest Jon Plain, former Hollywood Brat Casino Steele, and Duncan Kid Reid and Jack Black, The Boys were born. Less political, and more poppy than their peers They were the first 'punk band' to sign an album deal. Their self titled debut The Boys and the follow up Alternative Chartbusters, are great albums, but for me, their third one To Hell With The Boys is a forgotten classic which really showed their talent as song writers of catchy pop punk rock'n'roll ballads. Their last album Boys Only had some moments, but was a bit lacking, possibly because Casino had left the band by then.  This recording is from their first American gig in New York on 12th June 1981 and it's a greatest hits set, with a brilliant selection of tracks from all four of their albums. Enjoy!
Thanx to Marky Dredd for making this available a few years back on one of his mighty music blogs, he also knocked up the cover art. Respect!    


planckzoo said...

Thank you Nuzz. I love the Boys. I've never seen them live, so live shows like this are appreciated

Longy said...

Lovely post Nuzz. I recommend Duncan Kid Reid's recent solo album (Little Big Head) if you haven't already got it too. It is great stuff. Cheers mate.

PS Top post on Thatcher too.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic band, great album, great blog!! Thank you.

the Grape said...

Without listening to this recording, I assume it is from my post a few years ago on DimeADozen. The final tracks were the victim of my weak batteries. I tried to adjust the time when I mastered it, but my eventual output was limited by my software and skills.