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Thursday, 11 April 2013


I shed no tears, but raised a cheer when the news of Margaret Thatcher death was announced a couple of days ago. The witch was indeed dead! I don't too much care for all this not being able to celebrate her death, because during her time in power she brought untold misery and pain to millions of people. She also made millions rich, and many of these are no doubt the same people passing judgement on those who refuse to accept her death as anything other than long over due and worth having a party for.

Thatcher didn't just suck the blood out of the country, she ripped the hearts out of communities up and down the land, to her there was “No such thing as society” and she made sure in the future there wouldn't be. Her right to buy a council house stole the housing stock from future generations, who have no hope of being housed by their local authority, because all the money made by selling council houses wasn't used to build any more.

The society we are now living in is a product of Thatcher and the working classes who sold their soul and socialism to capitalism. The right to buy, and to be bought. Those that couldn't be bought like the miners were made to suffer. She destroyed the Trade Unions during the Miners strike and tore the Industrial heart out of Britain, whole swathes of the country were turned into wastelands a wash with drink, drugs and despair, Liverpool, Glasgow, towns in West Yorkshire and South Wales, were all turned into ghost towns.

Conservatives under Thatcher didn't conserve, they destroyed! This was a New Right wing politics branded Thatcherism. Britain was up for sale; Gas, Electric, Steel and Railways, the whole lot. Privatisation, a free market would free the people from the Trade Unions, and make them slaves to capitalism. If Thatcher was such a Great Britain how come she sold off everything with the word British in front of it? The Bank were deregulated and a new financial market grew. It was the time of Loadsa Money....Gold, you're indestructible....with everybody's looking for something, it was also the time of recession and high unemployment, when many people had nothing and what little they had would have to be paid out in Poll Tax. The rich got richer the poor got poorer, so in that respect the conservatives did conserve.

The first women Prime Minister did fuck all for women’s rights/liberation except teaching them to be ruthless and heartless and how to power dress, in brightly coloured suits with big buttons and big shoulder pads

Thatcher shunned Europe but embraced the American Dream and turned Britain into a nightmare 51st State of America with cruise missiles stationed on British soil. Regan and Thatchers 'special relationship' gave birth to Globalisation, McDonald’s and Starbucks have taken over.

If what Thatcher did for the country was so good, then why are we in the mess we are in now? New Labour continued with the free market economic policies and the deregulation of the financial sector, and it is all going to shit what with the recession and the collapse of the banks.

In the wake of Thatchers death and the subsequent parties and celebrations, any one speaking out is silenced and branded as being tasteless, as she was a mother and a human being. Those killed in her phoney election winning war in the Falklands were fathers who left behind wives and children. Mothers were dragged through broken caravan windows by their hair when Thatchers storm-troopers attacked the Travelling community at the Battle of The Beanfield, her Special Patrol Group stopped and searched anyone that moved on the streets of Brixton, Toxteth and St Pauls. The Miners beaten to the ground at Oregreave had families that Thatcher left to starve while she ate at the table of the New World Order, she was the mother of a thousand dead.

In the days before her funeral the state and its servants are trying to stop any more celebrations of her death, and saying how they will come down hard on any 'trouble makers', well who would have expected anything less, a total clampdown on any descent and defiance, it's what Thatcher would have wanted. She's still gonna be taking the peoples money when she's dead as a large amount of the reported £10 million cost is gonna be covered by the tax payer.

The lasting legacy of Thatcher is the rampant individualism and selfish greed that runs through our society today, she destroyed ideas of community, collectivism and co-operation. Thatcher didn't give a shit about people, all she cared about was her place in history, just like that cunt Tony Blair who just continued with Thatchers economic and social policies. I'll be raising a glass to his death as well!

As for it being wrong to celebrate the death of another human being, I have one thought.... was Thatcher human? Her policies were inhumane and she was called The Iron Lady!  


undeadboy said...

I hope they drive a steak through her black heart and cut off her head just to make sure the cunt won't come back. Same goes when Blair kicks the bucket.

styreneboy said...

If only her death meant the end of that era, but sadly her ideals are even more prevalent now with politicians of all sides embracing the get-rich-and-fuck-those-you-have-to-tread-on-to-get-there policies. Capitalist cunts will always only look after themselves and their kind and I can't see it ending well for many of us. Are people ready for revolution? Not all the time there's X-Factor on the telly and a Big Mac for tea it seems. Wake up please people.

Anonymous said...

Here in the states we have a ton of revisionist history concerning Maggie and Cowboy Ronnie in our media this week. When Ronnie kicked of, my own father was dying of cancer at the time. So I didn't celebrate his death. So now I toast to both of their deaths! Thanks for fucking future generations for decades to come. Thanks to Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney for finishing what you started. Thanks America! Thanks for all the lowball and minimum wage jobs of today. While Wall Street, The Banks, and Corporate America share record profits, most Americans continue to eat shit. Thank you and FUCK YOU!

Lee said...

Spot on as always Nuzz.

It was kind of depressing on Monday when the news came through I had my clenched fists in the air shouting "yes" and my workmates were just looking at me as if I was mad? then I get home and read a few blogs and it seems I'm not allowed to be happy because I'm not from the North, because all us Southern softies are supposed to love the evil bitch?
and then I'm not even allowed to smile at the silly witch song because it's not a worthy song like Ghost town or Shipbuilding, surely if it leads to just one of the brainwashed zombies questioning the press bullshit then it's a good campaign.


I totally agree with you Nuzz !
Si j'avais pu venir à cette partie pour célébrer sa mort, je serais venu !
mais je suis en France...

Anonymous said...

Good riddance. I reckon the only reason that Big Ben will be silent on Wednesday is cos the Establishment know every Bong would be followed by a chorus of "... the witch is dead......!"

MJG196 said...

Let her rot. Too bad Reagan won't be able to remember her when she sees him in hell. Alzheimer's, baby!

Doug said...

Hey Nuzzy ... I could not have said it better myself!