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Monday, 1 April 2013

It's April Fools Day....

and we are the fools for still putting up with the jokers. Fundamental changes to the Welfare State take place from today. Council Tax will increase for those on state benefits who have a 'spare room' that isn't occupied. If they are also claiming Housing Benefit, the may be forced to move, if the market rent on their social housing property is above the figure set by the Government. Many people who claim Benefits do so because they are in low paid work, not because they are not working. This some how makes society fairer? where people are penalised because the bosses aren't paying a living wage, and the producers/suppliers/retailers all want their profits, so it's the consumer that pays. The spectre of the deserving and undeserving poor raises it's head and they both get chopped off under the new welfare system. Fuck The Poor! Whoever they are.

These changes are all part of ending the so called 'something for nothing society' where whatever people get they end up paying for anyway, whether they are an unemployed builder or chief executive, it's all relative to their income, and that's the issue those at the top receive tax subsidies for second homes, while others have to pay for having second bedrooms. The more you earn the more you get to keep. The 50% tax rate for high earners has been dropped to 45%. With a small amount of people getting more of the cake, it means there's less left for the rest of us, and unfortunately some people are just left with the crumbs, which the government now wants to take away from them. I don't begrudge my taxes helping to pay for others welfare, but I do begrudge paying for wars, politicians expenses and banks. There are other ways this LibConCo can make savings, but that would mean upsetting the voters i.e. the middle classes and the wealthy, and we all know their views on 'benefit scroungers' this is a case of political populism, appealing to the popular view that the government and their friends in the media help to create, with their stories of the unemployed families with 15 children living in £1million mansions in Mayfair, oh and did I forget to mention that they were immigrants.

Their Big Fairer Society is just a sham based on the values of people doing 'something for nothing' i.e. volunteering, but if they are vulnerable and in need many people are accused of expecting 'something for nothing' and told they are becoming dependent on the state for their existence. Throughout history this has always been the way, from the workhouse to the charity run food bank, a capitalist society always needs a certain number of people at the bottom in order for it to function, it keeps people in their place, they don't want to end up in the workhouse, and it gives those people less fortunate something to aim for, but the changes in the Benefits system will see people heading straight to the homeless hostel, going past go and not collecting two hundred quid. It will cost them a lot and save the country very little, apart from an army of volunteers ready to work for their benefits.

There are also changes to the Legal Aid system coming, there will be no funding for debt advice or housing problems. How ironic when these are services that more people will be wanting to access in the future, especially if they've been forced to move because of Benefit changes and are in debt because they can't afford to live on what they earn.

Changes to Pensions will also make some people poorer, and who knows what the changes in the NHS will bring, other than competition, to who provides patient care. Public or Private? The G.P's decide! Jobs for the boys and girls if you ask me, mates rates apply and the tax payer pays.

In conclusion....Things will never get better. New Labour champagne Socialists started all this and now the Conservatives and Liberals are finishing the job of turning Britain into a well unfair totalitarian state, policed by public opinions manufactured, and manipulated by the media for political ends, but can they justify the means.....  


Anonymous said...

Well,That's The New West World ?
All Of This Shit You Describe For Britain Is Already The Everyday Life For Most Of The People In Greece And The Worser Is The People Still Votes And Counting On These Killer Politicians...But What Do You Expect From Those Who Affraid To Die ?
It's Exactly The Same Crowd Who Are Affraid To Live.
The Truth Is That There Is NO People.We Have To Fight Seperately Only For The Faith Of It All.
Fuck The People,Their Usual Absence All Around Us...They Always Wait For Their Parents To Save Them From The Boogie Woogie Man,Made Them An Easy Life And Lies Like That.
As For Us,We Always New...
"Nothing Left But Faith"
Time To Take Sides Then.
No War With Anybody,Just Keep Doin' The Right Thing,Just Keep Lovin' In These Darkest Of Days.

weak tea and roll ups said...

the only blog i care about because it pulls no punches and dosent bow to anyone, 3 years ive followed as societys got worse and politicians have got worser, theres hope out there when the people say enough is enough and theyve got nothing too loose, well have a party and hang the last politician with the guts of the bankers