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Monday, 22 April 2013

Some scribblings/notes I did during my week away.

Just who are the 'Sickos'?
Bombs in Boston! Terrorist attack!  The enemy within America or the enemy from outside?

Gun fight at the OK Coral / Blood lust USA / Celebrating and chanting in the streets / The FBI knew of one the Boston bombers / Another case of letting something happen? A nice distraction, it's all gone silent in the media about the North Korean situation / Tighten the grip, more security and surveillance, it had all gone quiet on the terrorist front / Blood lust British media, there was no need for the press to publish photos on the front pages of one of the wounded terrorists. It was never our fight, until Blair hooked up with Bush in their Holy War on terror //

When will people realise that their beloved free market capitalist system doesn't work, it's now fucked. One of it's main protagonists and preacher, Thatcher was buried this week, and still people don't see or don't want to see that the mess we are now in is a result/product of what she did.  She thought she knew what was best for the people,, but history will show that it was for the worst.

Measles outbreak in Swansea, Wales. I wouldn't trust any of their vacinations, booster jabs etc. Who knows what else might be in the serum, and what it might do do people, scare people enough and they'll do what ever their told, no questions asked. “The only thing to fear is fear itself”

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styreneboy said...

1) I can think of no circumstances that would end with me being out on the street applauding the police... Incomprehensible to me.

2) Thatcher - "She thought she knew what was best for the people"... Sorry Nuzz, for the first time I disagree with you, she only knew what was best for her capitalist cronies, "the people" were only ever a means to their ends.

3) Even with my state paranoia I refuse to believe there are NHS doctors dishing out mind control serums, there are a lot of ordinary people whose lives are saved every day by these people, and if there was mind control going on the situation in this country would be even worse than it is now. It's bad enough with the NHS constantly getting stick from the media, if the money was being spent on doctors and nurses instead of lawyers and accountants the service would be better.

The mind control that does goes on is through the media and advertising bastardising our language. For instance, white people who kill multiple victims are called mentally ill, while brown people who do the same are called Muslim (black people are just called black, as that seems to be enough of a reason for their actions). Now I've often equated religion with mental illness, but that's no excuse for this discrepancy of terminology.

Anyway, that's got that off my chest. Keep up the good work Nuzz. Now I think I need a week away...