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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

CRISIS - Hymns Of Faith

Along with The Clash and Crass, CRISIS brought a healthy dose of politics to the 'punk scene', they were coming from a strong Socialist perspective. Their debut single No Town Hall was a benefit for a group campaigning to stop the building of a new town hall in the London borough of Southwark, where homes for all were needed not a new town hall. The band were staunch anti-racists, as their 2nd single White Youth testified. The 7 tracks on their posthumous release (by 1980 the band had gone their separate ways forming Death In June and joining Theatre Of Hate.) Hymns Of Faith: On T.V/Laughin'/Back In The USSR/Afraid/Frustration/Red Brigades/Kanada Kommando// deal lyrically with subjects such as television, violence, totalitarian Russia and European terrorist organisations. Musically the buzzsaw guitar and single note guitar lines carry the tune and the drums and bass provide a heavy rhythm a classic piece of post-punk political passion. This download is ripped from a 25 year old cassette tape recording of the original vinyl. It is a must have. You know the score, it's just a.............away: http://s19.quicksharing.com/v/5747733/CRISIS_Hymns_Of_Faith.rar.html NEW LINK IN RE-POSTS/REQUESTS SECTION OVER TO YER LEFT AND SCROLL DOWN!


noisepress said...

thank you very much for CRISIS and all good punk stuff! great blog!
cheers from bulgaria!

Harry The Bastard said...

oh yes! saw them with the Pack supporting them in Camden in 198x - went out and bought this then when needing glue sold it

Now I can relieve those days!!


matt m said...

Another fine post! I've not listened to this for 20 odd years. Just for info Kanada Kommando is missing off the end - I ain't complaining though, these six songs are gonna be blasting out all day! Thanks.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Glad you all liked this. I'm sure Kanada Kommando's on there. 'He works to be free' We all make mistakes Harry, but we were young then. My original vinyl copy of HOF was either swapped, stolen or sold, can't remember

fishdog said...

just wondered if you could re-up this file. the link has gone dead. Lost this piece of vinyl with several other in a house move twenty years ago.

Darren said...

Any chance of reposting this?

Just discovered Crisis, and I want to hear more if I can.

all the best,

Ad Nauseam said...

Good post and good work

Anonymous said...

Hello , can you share a new link please??