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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

EATER - Live @ Barbarella's, Birmingham 1977

Probably the youngest of the 'first wave' of punk bands. Formed in Nov 1976, while still at school. Their drummer Dee Generate often had trouble getting time out of lessons to gig, he was 14 and when he did invariably the police became involved due to licensing laws, usually turned out OK when Mr and Mrs Generate gave parental permission. The band famously announced in an interview with Sniffin' Glue that "We're the only band that can really relate to the kids, even the Pistols...they're old enough to be our dads." Don't know how the Pistols felt about that, but The Damned were big fans, at a gig both bands did down the Roxy, Eater found themselves playing to not just the usual punk kids, but also Jimmy Page and Robert Plant from 'the enemy', Led Zep. Plant spoke to the other NME and said "All the talk about old farts and young farts is nonsense, age doesn't matter." Eater split in 1979 leaving behind one album, Eater and a handful of singles. This recording is from sometime in 1977 at Birmingham's infamous punk venue Barbarella's. Another document from the punk jigsaw. Check it owt, it's just a click away: http://s19.quicksharing.com/v/1106063/EATER_Live_1977.rar.html

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