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Sunday, 13 May 2007


Was gonna stay in and watch Eurovision last night, but went to see The Vibrators 'fly the flag' instead. They were great, played all the old classics and still sounded fresh, relevant and full of energy. Eddie and Knox had more stamina than the punks and skins half their age, who had to stop for a rest during 'the moshing.' Only complaint; wish they'd done a few more of their less well known numbers, cos as I've said before Knox is such a great song writer. Something I spoke with him about afterwards when I renewed my acquaintance with him. I first met him 24 years ago when I interviewed him for a fanzine I was doing. A copy of this interview can be found on the bands website. (Link to the left and scroll down) At the moment he's got about 300 songs written and is presently trying to secure a new publishing deal, ironically he'd submitted one to be considered for Britain's Eurovision entry. It wasn't completely rejected, the committee quite liked it but.......Any way enough. Here's a couple of tracks from Knox covering The Clash's Train In Vain and Should I Stay Or Should I Go He should really stick to doing his own songs, but here yer go, a click away If you wanna check 'em out: http://s19.quicksharing.com/v/7866311/KNOX_Does_The_Clash.rar.html


Harry The Bastard said...

Did you go and see the Vibrators in Hitchin them?

You weren't one of them old fuckers who followed Chron Gen around were you???

I could of sworn Bonnie Prince Charlie was in them as well!!!

Perhaps it was the glue?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Yeah. Nah Harry, wouldn't say I followed 'em around, saw 'em a few times. It was the Hitchin A gang that followed 'em. I take it yer talking about Jon Thurlow there?, probably wasn't just the glue. He's a top guy, played in Scum Of Toytown in the 90's. Cheers for commenting

Harry said...

the anarchist inside me is disappointed I can't comment anonymously anymore ... grrr!

I was more Beds than Herts and as such followed the only band in Beds worth following

A friend of mine at the time had a thing about Toyah and saw her at Hitchin somewhere, she ended up at his house with a few of her band having tea and chatting shite

Same thing with Siouxsie as well, although that was probably after a gig at Friars

Both times it was a surreal experience as I was shagging his sister when they all came home

Harry said...

Oh yeah, that Knox stuff is fucking shit

... and I liked the Vibrators in the 70's

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Sorry mate, was that UK Decay per chance? Yeah those 2 knox tracks aren't up to much, love the rest of his own stuff though, far too much info about yer mates sister, made me laugh though.

Harry said...

The mighty UK DK it was!!!

Much (falling-down) water has passed under the bridge since then although it is with interest I note that they did reform (albeit in a less than original lineup) recently

(on one hand) Sadly I couldn't make it (on the other hand) I'm kind of glad I didn't see them

Many many happy memories of the lads in their prime, unfortunatley many friends have been lsot since then also

Harry said...

that's lost btw, my fat fingers get in the way

Harry said...

One final thing for tonight before I go off surfing for more pr0n - your blog ... good innit mate!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Saw UKDK every time they played in Stevenage always great, intense atmosphers still remember the one where Abbo came on with the mask and started swinging his studded belt. A top band and still remembered to this day worldwide for the influence they had by a good few bloggers, glad yer liking it.

Harry said...

Yep, that'll be the time me and a few of the crew were chased by skinheads. Happy days indeed.

If my memory serves, wasn't that when Amebix were on the same bill?

Perhaps I'm weong, but I am fairly sure that they were as I thought they were excellent

Is Bowes Lyon still there?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Yeah it still is no bands played there since 1995. Those gigs in the 80's were mad yeah big pressence of skinheads all kicked off when athletico spizz 80/ pneumania and optional extras played I remember chairs been thrown at black flag, mind you when the Meteors played it was allways a bit lairy. Aaah, those were the days. Dunno if that was when amebix played could have been remember seeing 'em once in early 80's and once in 85 there, great band. Saw so many bands at BLH and across the country over the years sometimes it's hard to remember.

Harry said...


Gigs (and the bands) seemed more accesible then, or was that just the time?

I really don't get the chance to see/hear anything exciting anymore

Possibly the last gig I went to was Oasis at the Bowl

I thought they were shite but was convinced by family to go and see them ... I wasn't wrong!!!!

I got thrown out by security for being a little too vocal in my lack of appreciation

Anonymous said...

I'm Jon from the Basque Country!!
It is so interesting stuff...knox doin' the clash!!
The link is broken..can you re-up this material please??
It is imposible to find in other place!!!
Sorry for my poor english!!!
Thank you!!!
Your blog is awesome!!!!!!