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Friday, 11 May 2007

Things Can Only Get BetAAARGH!

Just what has puppet actor Tony Blur done in 10 years ? He's lied and deceived us with every bullshit broadcast he's made. He's cost us cash while telling us the economy is doing great, as interest rates rise. He's left the elderly lying on hospital trolleys in corridors for days while robbing their pensions. He's saturated the country with CCTV while crime on the streets has risen. Innocent people have died for him in a war that wasn't theirs, as a result a whole raft of laws that infringe civil liberties have been introduced. He's filled the House of Lords with cronies who gave him enough cash. He's closed down schools to build academies of learning, built affordable housing for those that can't afford it. He's given us more spin than if you put that god damn 'Things can only get better' record on at 78rpm. But at least we've got the Olympics to look forward to, that is until it's time for us to pay for 'em. Ooops nearly forgot, he brought peace to Northern Ireland, well the reality is that he only finished off the work the Conservatives had started. In fact throughout his premiershit New Labour have continued the right wing work of the Tory party toward the ultimate Totalitarian Democracy, where people think and feel they are free but in reality they are not. Nobody gets a real say in how the country is ruInED, not that we should expect to when after all the government aren't getting a real say in who's gonna be their leader and our Prime Minister. Brown, the colour of shit. The same shit just from a different arsehole.


Anonymous said...

True words indeed.
And a great picture!
Henry Snowstorm

ric4003 said...

all politicians are fucking liars, there all the same once they get thier feet under the table. Labour promised to ban fox hunting and down grade cannabis. they also raised the minimum wage, if you remember it was around 3 quid an hour b4 it got changed, theres no point in saying labour finished what the tories started, the tories are the biggest cunts of all.
dont single a party out to be worse than the other because it makes u sound like a fucking torie.
we love to complain in this country but we do fuck all about it.
fuck the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

During the french elections Blair was showed as a great exemple to follow by N. Sarkosy. And now he will be our next president. Sad news...

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Yes indeed ric4003, fuck the lot of them. and their false vote winning promises. If one party gets singled out it is because they are the ones with the power and control at this time, and also they are no different to the tories who yes are the biggest bunch of see you next tuesdays of all time, because if thatcher hadn't done what she done we may not be in the mess we are in at the moment, without the unions power people have a lot less of a voice. Owning their own homes keeps the workers chained to their jobs. Who ever you vote for the government wins and the government is only there to protect the power of capital this is becoming more apparent as society falls apart in front of our eyes and profits rise. Times will be interesting between now and the next election, and it is time to start doing something about it. What we do is down to the individual, from talking to people, demonstrating or throwing molotovs. There are many ways to skin a politician. Yes it is indeed sad news for France, but I bet the people aren't gonna roll over as quicly there as they did in Britain, from what I heard the rioting started within hours of Sarkosy being announced as president. Thanks for yer comments. It shows me that there are people out there who give a shit and take time out to have their say. Nice wun.