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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The missing child in Portugal, there are a few things pissing me off about the medias coverage of it; other than their usual vicarious coverage of family trying to cope with it all. "You can't imagine how they must be feeling", "They're both looking tired and drawn" blah, blah, blah. Others suffering eases our own, and makes us realise how lucky we are that it wasn't us, because according to the media it could have quite easily have happened to any parents, as we have all left our children alone or considered it. I'm sorry when my daughter was 3 the thought never entered mine or my partners heads, any way I thought there was a law in Britain that said you couldn't leave a child under a certain age alone at home. I also wonder what the medias reaction would have been if the parents weren't 'professional people' and say just for example it had been a single unemployed mum from a council estate having a drink in the bar? would she have been criticised for being an irresponsible parent? Lastly the attitude towards the Portuguese police, who the media say are not doing the job right and as well as the British police would be. Well, this sort of situation may well be new to the Portuguese authorities, but I'm sure they're doing the best they can with the resources they've got. Anyway, excuse me, but surely when you travel abroad you would expect to receive the standard of service that the country you are visiting provides. Whether that is up to British standards is neither here nor there, just because a few Brits have colonised the Algarve it doesn't mean that it isn't still Portugal.


Pedro said...

You can say that. If it's true you can point some errors to portuguese police, it is also true that it isn't so bad as others can think. True is that portuguese police haven't dedicated people to speak and inform mass media about their investigations.
It is also incredible how a couple with "good education" can leave three little children alone just to be with their friends at a restaurant table.
And when you know that the resort has a kindergarten open till 23h30 and private baby-sitters to care to those children, it's incredible the unconsciouness of that couple.
And it is true: they are lucky to be british. I don't remember to see so many policemen worried about a kidnapping. When we think the lack of interest sometimes portuguese authorities demonstrate to our kidnapped children.
And talking about the british press and the private investigators dressed as gurus criticizes portuguese authorities about the way they deal with the investigations (like if was usual to be incompetent), have the british authorities any leads to find the murderers of those two children found dead in a river last month, or the press notices about another child missing from their parents that arrives here in Portugal? Should I say that british authorities are also something like from outer space?
Damn, what we do to sell one more newspaper...

Anonymous said...

It's very easy to put the blame on the Portuguese Police, but where were the parents? Were they with the children? No, they had gone out to eat! I can't imagine what they are going through, but I really hope that Madeleine is found. Alive! That is the most important.

Highlander said...

Putting parental negligence, disrespectful criticism of Portugese authorities and mass media feeding frenzies to one side, I, like all of you I am sure, just hope she is found alive.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Nice one Pedro, interesting to have opinion from the front line. Yes the British Authorities are from outer space as are a large % of the population. Yes miguel and comrade highlander the safe return of Madeline is paramount. What a fucked up world we are all living in.

Anonymous said...

never leave young children un-attended while you go out on the piss.
i guess thats the answer.