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Friday, 25 May 2007

With this being the last post for a week, thought I'd leave you all with a question for discussion. Leave answers in the comment box.

Who makes all the waste and rubbish. The producer or the consumer?


mrmagoomc4 said...

its a bit of both nuzz your rants will be missed for a week hurry up back b4 the world just falls apart n yeah lets kick out new labour/the scurge of this land/remember all the promises/and all the backhands/it just shows/wen blair lies/his noses just grows n grows/while britain flounders/blair just dosent know/that sherees just a fuckin hoe/kick em out

bloater999 said...

Or the seller..... The retailers could demand less, they demand most everything else!


Pogel said...

We the consumers are guilty. Its supply and demand. If we buy eco friendly products we can effect change. I heard that in the UK now you can get products with zero carbon footprints in high street shops. If the manufacturers think they can make money off of it they will change.

Highlander said...

Apparently when they introduced similar ideas (reduced bin collections, charge per waste, etc.) in Germany a few years back, customers started leaving unwanted packaging at the point of purchase, in this case: supermarkets. I daresay that, once the supermarkets started shouting, manufacturers soon got the message.

Hurry back Nuzz but have a good one aswell.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Well that's covered that then,EVERYONE IS GUILTY and it's time for a change. Cheers for commenting. But will EVERYONE do their bit? and will EVERYONE pay? That's another post.