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Thursday, 6 March 2008

The BBC are showing a series of programs that they’ve packaged as The White Season. The trailer that’s been running shows a white face being written on in a black pen with words from different cultures until the face has turned black. The music is William Blake’s Jerusalem as played by Billy Bragg. Quite a heavy advert. The programs aim to give the white working class a voice, people who feel they have no say and are scared that British identity and tradition is being eroded.
Personally I feel that an ‘issue’ like immigration should be discussed with out the fear of a person being branded a racist. True the media may have hyped up the issue and created hysteria amongst the masses, but to them it has become a genuine fear that needs to be addressed in rational debate. Failure to do this will only fuel the fire of the BNP who will listen to these fears. (Billy Bragg knows that) and turn them into irrational thoughts and actions. In order to find a solution to a problem, you need to know what the problem is, and in order to do that you need to listen to people. If nobody is listened to then resentment, anger and hatred builds up, which is what far right parties like the BNP thrive on, people are then putty in their hands. All the major parties just bury their heads in the sand while pushing forward multi-culturalism with policies that create even more barriers between communities. Whether this season of programs helps put out the fires of the masses fears or just fuels them remains to be seen, but at least the BBC are listening. Alternatively it could be part of a conspiracy designed to engineer social disorder prior to the next election, but that’s another post.


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Wiff said...

You are of course correct. Since New Labour have fully embraced neo-liberal policies and become just the third wing of the capitalist parties, the working class no matter what colour or creed have had no voice. As you say loathsome organisations like the BNP will prey on the fears manifested in the press and like parasites feed of those fears. This makes the formation of a new workers party essential. Unions should disaffiliate from New Labour and withdraw the millions of pounds they give them that only result in attacks on their members in cuts services and living standards. Only by eroding the conditions that make people look towards the BNP will they be again thrown back into the gutter where they belong to be. But then again a divided working class is easier to control, so despite the platitudes of the main parties it is easy to understand why they are happy to keep fuelling these fears.

katwoman said...

Quite a ballsy advert for these times indeed! Very interesting post Nuzz! Hope you follow up.

Highlander said...

The relentless veiled attacks on immigrants via Govt policy serve to distract working class people from the fact that it is govt policy that perpetuates the problems and not the immigrants themselves. They are only other working class people looking for jobs in the hope of bettering their lives. And now we have the BBC pitching in with their tuppence worth as well.

Immigration discontent also suits big business because it allows them to pitch disparate groups of working class people against each other in a clamouring bid for work. Thus driving wages down.

We need to remember who the real enemy is.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers for the spam crescent. And thanks once agin to wiff and highlander for knowing the score and adding to the post, it will indeed be followed up katwoman, expanding on some of the points raised by H and W. Thanks for yer time, much prefer that to spam.