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Friday, 21 March 2008

BLYTH POWER - Live @ Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage 1993

Now for something a little bit different for all you good people. Blyth Power, a unique band, that blend ’Folk’ and ’Punk’ together and come up with an eclectic, eccentric and ultimately uncategorisable sound that is truly their own, if yer thinking The Levellers, forget it! Blyth Power are something different. First and foremost they are a live band, and a fucking great one at that; having witnessed them loads of times over the years in a variety of venues with their varying line ups, they always went down well when they came to Stevenage, where this was recorded. It’s a great uplifting listen, I strongly advise you to click here and check it out.


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not I only saw them at Bowes once in 1986 with Tenpole Tuder headlining. Obviously saw them hundreds of times over that mid 80's period though at other places. will have to stick some more up on KYPP.

irishdave said...

thank you nuzz - a great band!

Chris Ripple said...

Oh Yes... A classic ! I can feel the mosh pit calling me... now
where do I park me zimmer... ?

quigley said...

Cheers Mr Wuloff, This is ace.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I remember that Tenpole Tudor gig penguin, the rest of the time they played downstairs at Bowes, as we had to downsize due to falling attendences at gigs, as chris ripple well knows, I think that gig might have been recorded by you chris, looks like yer handwriting on the tape, so cheers for that. Indeed a top band.

Chris Ripple said...

Glad to be of service mate. I have others but can't transcribe 'em so if you want any more Blyth/Bowes stuff give us a shout and I'll send 'em over.

Stay cool

Chahida said...

Hi nuzz,
you cannot believe how thrilled i was when i found this file! i just couldn't believe it! My favourite band with my favourite line up + my favourite songs! THANKS A THOUSAND TIMES!!!!