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Wednesday, 19 March 2008


There’s a thin line between Patriotism and Nationalism. One can unite a nation with pride another can divide and destroy a nation with hate. Yes immigration is being used by our government as a tool to divide our nation, how else can you explain the following. Our government is pursuing PC Liberal multicultural policies, that leave certain sections of society feeling they are losing their British identity, but in the next breath our government is talking about engendering a sense of national identity through citizenship ceremonies, for amongst others the young and immigrants. How does that work? A new identity or an identity crisis or just another step toward one all mighty fucking crisis in what seems to be a push by lots of nations since the collapse of Communism toward a global mono culture. Where our heads are being beaten with propaganda or in the case of the Tibetans, with batons, and yes it is about money and the global market place, which is in crisis at present, and recession is predicted. Is this starting to sound a bit familiar? Do the words Post War Germany and Hitler spring to mind. Like I said, it’s a thin line and we don’t wanna let ourselves get pushed over it.


Anonymous said...

Regarding British identity. As what could be described as a white male liberal, I have no problem with being English. I wouldn’t say I’m ’Proud’ to be English. But I’m quite comfortable with it as an identity. What’s not to like? Great musical history, great literature, whether your bag is Thomas Hardy or J.G. Ballard. Fantastic scenery/coastline. Culture, the arts. I could go on.

I don’t go about hand wringing about the wrongs of the past. I’m mindful of them. But I’m not responsible for them. I try and live in the moment, for it is the ‘moment’ that ultimately defines us the most.

I work in the voluntary sector (Or third sector), and I’ve frankly lost count of the various mandatory
’Recognising difference’ and ‘Cultural awareness’ courses I’ve been sent on over the years.
The thing with all these courses is, they are designed to highlight the DIFFERENCES between us all. Not our common and shared values. I’m increasingly coming to the view point that all this recognising difference caper equates to promoting societal division. I feel like I’ve been brainwashed.

I spent my early years in North London, and from the age of six had mates that were of Indian and Caribbean descent. In the eighties/nineties I had a very close friend who was of Muslim descent. But to me they were just my mates. And vice versa. We just got on, as good friends do. ’Difference’ didn’t enter into it. These days if I meet someone from another cultural background I’m immediately checking myself, on my guard, as to how I should act around them. And so are a lot of other people. It’s ridiculous.

Aaah, fuck it. I’m off to listen to JT at the Venue. ‘Hey, does anyone in the audience have a nylon guitar pick. ………. Or how about a joint’. Priceless.

I miss you Johnny. I guess the world was a different place back
in 1982.

cat said...

Some worrying thoughts there Nuzz, anon says right about having to be on guard pc wise, have you seen the pistols doc the filth and the fury london in the 70's theres a guy berating black people using some seriously vile language, while a couple of black lady's are in the background not really giving a fuck, a lot of immigrants foregeiners etc don't really give a fuck either it seem,s the indeginouus population are made to behave in a certain way so as not to offend.The hitler parable i've heard a few times and that is worrying, i trust the british people of all races and colours will never allow that to happen here, truly thats what makes britain great is our sense of diversity and the fact we are proud of being a tolerant and welcoming nation, thats the people, the goverment are covering there own arses 1 by being pc 2nd by sometimes overwelcoming people they set the trend for giving ethnic groups grants and aid etc whice was later abused,and probably still is just to make them feel welcome while long time english people suffererd from lack of amenities.Divide and rule is still the favourite game of the imperialists, on the ground all of our blood runs red, and social and domestic issues affect us all white black chinese christian muslim jewish buddists, one life , live it.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Thanx anon and cat for adding to the post, agree with what yer both saying, sometimes it hard to make sense of it all, as we are all people.