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Tuesday, 11 March 2008


I hear on the radio that there’s a push toward more citizenship ceremonies for British people and the possibility of pledging allegiance to a new National Anthem. Now what’s that all about then. Recently there has been an issue with some people feeling they have of a lack of British Identity. How does this latest idea fit into the jigsaw? Is pride the same as identity? Do you need to feel proud to identify with something? What will citizens be told to make them feel proud about their nation? The Union Jackboot of Imperialism, Colonialism and the age of Empire with all its atrocities overseen by both Labour and Conservative governments. I doubt it, more like some Gordon ’Stalin’ Brown revisionism, but hey wait a minute, those that ignore the past and all that. What will we tell our children’s, children about Afghanistan and Iraq, where our involvement there has created more cultural and racial tensions at home. Makes me proud to think that our national identity is based on lies and bullshit. Rule Britannia, Britannia waves the rules!


Chi said...

NATIONAL IDENTITY?? DONT MAKE ME LAUGH! Labour have been in power for a decade and in that time it seems to have been their mission to erase our ENGLISH identity and pride. Its all very well banging on about BRITISH identity, but while Scotland and Wales are encouraged to become ever more independent, we the English are being demonised like never before! I know that a lot of you are worried because to fly St Georges Cross and to proclaim yourself English is now only associated with skinheads, but we need TO CLAIM OUR COUNTRY BACK! This ties in with the lack of an eu referendum, how comes Scotland and Wales can have independent Parliaments, but we cant? How comes they get cheaper health care, better cancer treatment, cheaper council tax etc etc??? What the hell is going on? How can our ' esteemed' leader talk about Pride in National Identity when he, his new labour public schoolboy chums and the blind working class in Scotland have basically picked England apart. It makes me think...... if I started a political party that advocated bringing back the English Flag, and using that classic Jerusalem as our new national anthem, would I be allowed to stand? Or would they discredit me as a bigoted, racist Little Englander???
If the answer is the first one then I'll eat my hat!! If its the second (and I think we all know it is!) then we truly live in a New Labour Champagne Socialist Hell and i say RISE UP, LETS HAVE A REVOLUTION! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT!!
If you agree, lets go...............

cat said...

Second that Nuzz, that whole swearing to queen and country bollocks is just a cheap shot at appeasing the rising public opinion on immigration, if you've just escaped from some third world hell hole and all there asking for is a "swearing in ceremony", fuck you'd be thinking i'd swear at me own mum for that. labour is gradually sinking albion to it's knees and it's sad to witness that.
i remember Paul weller saying how we should reclaim the flag from the far right as it belongs to all british people, now there's an example of an englisman who's got it right, brown just making his home scotland more stronger so when he retires he'll just sit back and enjoy, while he fuck's england right up...

Lulz said...

The UK is not some trash can where everyone can just escape to, Cat. And I'm not even British and I certainly hate the Tories and Labour, but this is a right measure to implement.
You idiots don't even know what the fuck Albion is. You just call everything Britain ever did "colonialism", "jingoism" and such bollocks.
Instead of talking shit, worry about being colonized by shit.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Oh dear, not even British, being colonized by shit, don't tempt me lulz, you have your opinion I have mine and cat and chi have theirs, Down in Albion, a great album by Babyshambles, Pete Doherty makes me proud to be British, or perhapes I'm just being an idiot. I'll just settle for a pint of warm beer while watching a game of cricket, National Identity can't be engendered by a series of questions and a sing song. The majority of Eastern European workers have a work ethic that is alien to todays 'young British workers' (or should I say shirkers) That was Communism for you. Maan I can't be bothered anymore, cheers for the comment lulz maybe we'll agree to differ.

Highlander said...

I am firmly in the No National Identity camp comrades. Every country's history has its high and low points - moral, intellectual, inventive, etc - but don't be taken in by the whole immigration debate while big business is banging on about globalisation. They want to conquer the world in the name of profit while forcing all the workers of the world to scrabble around for the meagre wages. If we are played off against each other and divided by nationality, religion, etc. then we are easier to subdue and eventually conquer.

Most unlike me to quote a priest but Francois Fenelon was right when he said, "All wars are civil wars because all men are brothers".