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Wednesday, 26 March 2008

NIKKI SUDDEN - A Channel Steamer To The Angels

Two years ago today the music world became a poorer place when Nikki Sudden died in New York after doing what he liked doing best; playing live. He left a rich legacy behind from DIY Punk heroes the Swell Maps to his work with Dave Kusworth as The Jacobites and also the numerous solo albums he recorded, working with the likes of ex Rolling Stones and REM amongst others. Today’s post features his first couple of solo singles; Back To The Start and Channel Steamer, which carry on in the vein of the Swell Maps, plus an EP Shame For The Angels recorded with Dave Kusworth, which goes off in a completely different direction, taking his lo-fi leanings and combining them with Dave’s love lorn laments. Great and beautiful stuff, if yer aware of Nikki’s work, you’ll already know that, if yer not, why not give it, and the others a listen. Only quality gear available here! NIKKI SUDDEN 19/7/56 - 26/3/06 NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN !


Pogel said...


Check out my posting of Swell Maps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, mate. Love Nikki and Kusworth.

Anonymous said...

Two years ago today - How time flies.

Stay Bruised.


Anonymous said...

Good on you fellow. Laid some fowers on his grave earlier this evening. Muchly missed, Epic too.

eric said...

Nikki was a great guy, a fan of great music and a great performer. It is no accident that our oldest son is named Nikholis.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers folks, glad to see Nikki's spirits still alive, his music transcended different genres, a real loss.

Alois Schimmerlos said...

So much Nikki I haven´t heard before!
The Kusworth single is great.
The Bible Belt LP I found on Sickness Abounds and by what I´ve heard so far it seems even stronger than Velvet Basement.
Rant on, Wolf!