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Thursday, 6 March 2008

JOHNNY THUNDERS - In Cold Blood Live

It’s bin a while since I’ve served up some Johnny Thunders, so here’s a hit for anyone who fancies a bit. Not top quality gear, but worth yer time. This was originally released as part of the 1983 In Cold Blood 12” package on New Rose Records. Thunders disowned the release and it was withdrawn and re-released without this live album, which was recorded at Jonathan Swifts in Cambridge Massachusis on August 6th 1982, dunno if any of the CD reissues include it, if they do…whatever, if not…here it is. Hit it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping your arms around the memory of Johnny Thunders! Any and all JT is much appreciated!

jj.n said...

That are actually the 7" cover that got a live version and a studioversion of the song In cold blood on it.

The studiosongs are some of the best johnny ever recorded as an soloartist in my opinion. And I never understand why they didnt put on the last song Diary of a lover, that was recorded too at one of the two studio recordings that make the studiopart of the In cold blod album. It do exist at an album called Diary of with the other five songs.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers for commenting anon and jj.n. My stash of Thunders is running dry, just The Venue, London 1982 to post over next few days.

MJG196 said...

Can't believe I'm seeing this for the first time! Thanks much, Nuzz.

Anonymous said...

Just found your page! Love all your Johnny stuff, thanks for sharing!
Every link I find of In Cold Blood Live is broken :/ including yours. Would love to download this! If you come across a new link that's currently working, it'd be awesome if you could share it again xx