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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes?!

So Labour took a good kicking in Thursdays local elections. The country has spoken, well those that voted have, if you didn’t vote that’s your democratic choice. If that wasn’t bad enough to stick the boot into Brown and co even more, the people of London voted that ‘Thatcher loving, comedy show guest and bumbling buffoon’ Boris Johnson to be their Mayor. They’d had enough of Ken and his policies, true he may have done some good things for London, but what about the ers, those that live in the city? What did he do for them? Some felt his administration was full of cronies and corruption, that the congestion charge was just a tax and an attack on the motorist and there were unacceptable levels of crime on buses and tubes. A million odd Londoners felt it was a time for change. As in the Local Elections a vote for Boris and the Conservatives wasn’t necessarily a vote for their policies but a vote against New Labours policies and recent fiascos 10p Tax etc, etc Missing Data etc, etc After Thursdays results Gordon Brown has said the party will listen. “Wanker!” If you’d listened to members of you party in the first place you wouldn’t have been given the beating you deserved. Brother Highlander posed a question on his Cactus Mouth Informer as to why was it important for people to vote, when the electoral system doesn't represent how the public vote, yes this maybe true, but it is important that our leaders from local councillor to MP are held to account and know what people think of them and their parties policies at whatever level. So in true political fashion I will answer the question with another question; why is it important for people not to vote? If nobody voted, then there would be no chance of change, the people of London may find that the decision they made on Thursday was wrong and Boris Johnson fucks it all up, but only time will tell. He may be a upper crust posh boy, but hey let him have a go, if it don’t work out he can also be given a kicking in 4 years time; a new Olympic sport throwing the javelin at Boris. Labour, Tory they’re both the same they only exist to protect the interests of capital at local and national level and yes who ever you vote for the government wins, democracy is dead, if voting changed anything it would be made illegal etc, etc, but at least the choice and chance is there to remind politicians who they actually work for. If no one challenges them then they become complacent and abuse their power even more. There's gonna be interesting times ahead, I can't see the Conservatives suddenly becoming the party of the working classes, but then who'd have thought that under a Labour government the rich would have benefited at the expense of the poor.


Anonymous said...

Still getting my head round the Mayoral election.
Ken is a politically passionate individual, maybe too passionate. Lets his heart lead instead of his head on too many issues. I hope he sticks around in politics in some form or another though.
Ken was pushing it going for three terms lets face it. Like Blair, ya gotta know when your times up. I’m sad that he’s gone though. The guy is synonymous with London. Remember how he used to put the unemployment figures on the roof of County Hall all those years ago to piss Thatcher off? Brilliant move. But it was ultimately to be his downfall.

If I had to use one word to describe both individuals it would be

Ken - ‘Londoner’

Boris -’Etonian’

But if Boris can get rid of those bleedin’ bendy busses then that’s a result to start with. Although I have my doubts as to how much power he will actually be able to wield. I heard him on the radio this morning an he was very witty and engaging - ‘Yes, I can confirm to you that I have had a drink today’.

To be honest though, I’m more concerned about the fact that Richard Barnbrook has won a seat on the London Assembly than the result of the Mayoral election. Now that is worrying.

Chris Ripple said...

Going back to a comment I made on 21st April (re N.F.) Barnbrook got in because in the area he represents he listened to the local people and nobody else did.
I have friends in that constituency from a mixed race marriage and the B.N.P were the only party prepared to ask questions as to why, with over 100 points for over two years, they still could not get a council house ?
No other political party was prepared to listen, or ask questions.
I would hazard a guess that if the B.N.P do go that route then they will get more support than they have ever done before.
Most people (except the white middle class trendy liberal P.C. arseholes) are pig sick of seeing everything they pay into through the national insurance contributions being given free gratis to those who don't...
Face it, the problem isn't going to go away because housing is at a premium and always will be.
Why are we giving people a holiday home in England when they've already got one in Eastern Europe anyway ?
I've said for over twenty years that the next revolution in England will be right wing led unless these policies are thoroughly debated and after the latest poll results nothing has changed my mind.
As for Barnbrook he was democratically elected in so it's not up to us to prove he's a rascist scumbag, it's up to him to prove that he isn't. Maybe he will and maybe he won't but as the N.P.W. says... It's interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing.
Am I the only one sick of that twat Bansky turning rebellion into money.

Anonymous said...

Always wondered why Boris is frequently pictured jogging with that huge light brown fleece on. Surely you would normally jog in a t-shirt, and put a fleece on when you stop.
Obviously he’s got something to hide ;-)

Highlander said...

Apologies Nuzz I should've got round to this sooner.

You answered the 'why shouldn't people vote' question yourself - "Labour, Tory they’re both the same they only exist to protect the interests of capital at local and national level".

The answer is also mixed in with Chris Ripples comments regarding the BNP. They got in because they got out and listened to the local people.

I advocate not voting but only if you are willing to take on the responsibility incumbent in that decision. I have said before I would love to see Unions split from Labour and put their political fund money to local issues that need it . For (a very simplified) example, shortage of housing? get the local people of whichever area together and get them to help a building union to build some, get them to help an electricians union to wire it and so on. The people themselves are solving their own issue without reliance on others and, with any luck, the pride in achievement will carry them forward to other areas of self-determination and self-organisation. The alternative is leave it in the hands of others and complain endlessly at their efforts while they line their pockets.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

No anon, Banksy's rebellion into money pisses me off too, but hopefully he's making people think, and yes H that is the way to go letting people be resposible for their own lives, I'm sure at somepoint it will happen, maybe not in our life times, but anarchy will become the eventual outcome of history.