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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Pete Doherty’s freedom gig at the Forum, can’t really give you a full account of what it was like as I got thrown out after a few songs of Babyshambles set. Had a good spot at the front of the balcony, there I was minding my own business drinking crap lager when a bouncer/security whatever came over and signalled for me to move my nearly empty glass, well plastic actually, apparently I was holding it too far over the balcony, I shook my head in despair, for fucks sake what did he think I was gonna do, drop it on someone below? With that he went off, as he did I gave him the dickhead sign and continued watching the band. A few seconds later I felt a firm hand on my shoulder, turned round and saw what I can only describe as a silverback gorilla grunting that he wanted a word with me, with him was a rather smaller ape, the one who’d had words with me. Before I’d time to gather my thoughts I was grabbed by my arms, hoisted out of my seat and marched up the stairs and to the bar area, at the back where the silver back reminded me of what I‘d done. I tried to point out that I objected to being treated like an idiot and was quite caper able of not dropping anything from the balcony, he then told me to shut up, all this time I was clamped firmly in the hands of the 2 security gorillas while the people in the bar looked on. Then I was marched down the stairs and to the pavement outside. Bollocks! Still no one to blame but myself, but for fucks sake, why do these people think everyone’s an idiot, then again in reflection perhaps I had been, (that’s too much lager for you) still, treat people like idiots and they behave like one. After about 5 minutes my girlfriend came out to see what had happened to me, found out that I hadn’t been beaten up like what might have happened in the ’old days’ then told me that Shane MacGowan had come on to do Dirty Old Town, bollocks! That made me a bit cross, cos I remember going to see The Pogues on numerous occasions in small clubs/pubs that were packed full of drunken people, with minimal security and no trouble, apart from the guy who got his leg broken at The Sir George Robey, but he was lifted up carried to the back and sent to hospital. I even passed out unconscious on the stage of the ICA when they played there, apparently Shane had to step over my body while playing, didn’t get thrown out, and it was my mates that moved me off the stage, mind you that was over 20 years ago and times have changed. One last thing, I find it rather ironic that Pete Doherty was able to flaunt and break the law for months before eventually getting jailed, I give the dickhead sign to a bouncer and get immediate punishment with no defence. Aaah! Freedom it’s a wonderful thing.


Anonymous said...

Crikey Nuzz, Quite a night!

I’m not a fan of the Doherty as you know, so I would have considered getting thrown out after a few songs quite a result, but a bummer none the less. Especially at £22.50 a ticket.

Security guys have always been the same. In general terms, insignificant bottom of the food chain individuals who for an hour and a half get to wield a little bit of power, and with human nature being what it is, power inevitably goes to their heads. ‘Twas ever thus.

Does remind me why I can’t be doing with big gigs these days though. To old for that caper now. More than done my time and paid my dues on that one. I think the next gig I have lined up is Wilko Johnson in a local pub. That’s gonna suite me fine.

Glad you lived to tell the tale.



I can see the headlines now, beer drinking bad boy gets thrown out of forum while legend of sobriety Shane MacGowan plays on....oh the irony!

J.N said...

Understand that you get pissed off at fuckheads like that!