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Thursday, 8 May 2008

There's nowt as queer as folk. (A True Tale #1)

I took the dog for an afternoon walk yesterday. A nice sunny day so I had my ‘rock star shades’ on. Me and the dog were walking along the path when an old man driving rather erratically in a mobility scooter came towards us, as he went passed he stopped and said in a broad Scottish accent what I thought was “Is that dog a gay dog?” my response was “ What do you mean, a gay dog?” he then replied “No, a guide dog” my answer was “No” to which he replied “Then why the shades?” Before I had time to respond he drove off leaving me scratching my head, chuckling and thinking in the words of Ian Dury “There aint half some clever bastards…”


Anonymous said...

Half the lazy buggers on mobility scooters don’t need them anyway.

You can actually pick them up quite cheap. I’ve always thought that your average posse of hoodies should invest in a few second hand ones to race around on. Then, not wishing to be associated with ‘yobs‘, the elderly would stop using them ………..Sort of reverse psychology. Same as if the elderly stared to wear hoods the ‘hoodies’ would stop wearing them.
Hate to say it though Nuzz, but it sounds like that old geezer was just indulging in the perennial activity of taking the piss.

Chris Ripple said...

Hey, you know what ? I think Ol' 'Nonimous has got something there...
But I think if the hoodies got hold of mobility scooters also then the elderly might feel a little affronted and they might try to run the new kids off the block... Jeez... Just think about the ramifications of that ? It'd be turf wars outside the corner shop. Brilliant ! It could be like Death Race 2000 but with mobility scooters...

Mr Spielberg ? Yes Mr S... A couple of mill' for the idea so that your script guy can adapt it... Oh Yeah, that's ok for me but I think Ol' 'Noni' should get about 10% for the basic and probably 5% for The NPW 'cos it was his site after all...
Let's call it done then ?
(Hope you guys are into capitalism ?)
Ok, maybe it does come across like I'm taking the piss, but you've given me a great idea for a poem.
Thanx guys' really appreciate it.


Clever bastard he probably got help from his mum though!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Yeah chris, reckon anon's got a point there, a poem! hey perhapes we could do it live at R.O.T.W?