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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Sitting here in our safe European homes, (unless you happen to live next door to a shot gun totting lunatic that is.) We are told to look away if the images on News At 10 of the dead bodies in Burma are gonna disturb us. Distracted by disaster, we need to remember that the Conservatives have just delt Labour a massive blow in the Local Elections, especially Boris Johnson becoming Mayor of London . Whatever he does with whatever policy changes in London, it’s gonna be a test for future Tory policies and ultimately their manefesto for the next Election. Therefore in order for Labour to maintain their grip on power, they are gonna be looking closely at what Boris is up to, and adapting his policies for their own use to win over the people/voters. It is already happening re: Anti Social Behaviour, Boris says he’s gonna get tough, this week Labour tells Police and Justice system to get tough. There are gonna be a lot of changes in attitude by Labour in the build up to the next election, because it’s the only way there gonna get re-elected. Are they are gonna be able do this by not becoming even more authoritarian than they already have? The Conservative will have no qualms about being authoritarian, and lets face it they only put on the mask of being caring Conservatives in order so they could become electable during the touchy, feely New Labour times. If they get into power can they be trusted not to take the mask off? No of course not, they’re politicians. The biggest piss take is that all this is because of some people, you know, the ones that take no responsibility for their actions in, for example raising their children, if they had, then there would be no need to clampdown on their behaviour, lets face it, a lot of their behaviour goes beyond ‘rebellion’. So it looks like some people are gonna get the society they deserve, one were they need to be told what to do and then punished if they don’t do it. Great what about the rest of us, who feel our freedoms and the freedom of our children is being eroded away in the pursuit of power and control that will ultimately end with a dystopian vision becoming reality , a totalitarian state like Burma where the population is left to die in the streets and food aid piles up at airports, while the authorities go to the polls to maintain their power. If people don’t sort their lives out themselves, than this is what the future could hold for our children’s children in their not so safe European homes.



Can't have too much of the Slits Nuzz, great minds and all that (up on my blog) another brilliant post they were a great band indeed, and as for the Subway Sect they should've been huge always loved their minimalist approach, this all got me thinking about Bernard Rhodes someone who i don't care that much for but look at the bands he has been involved with:
Subway Sect
The Clash
The Specials
Dexy's Midnight Runners
I really like all those bands JoBoxers included, it's a pretty impressive list it would appear Bernie Rhodes really does know so don't argue!


Somehow in my over eager state of mind i entered my comment for subway sect here oh well it's all eggs bacon beans and a fried slice!

Chris Ripple said...

Err... Didn't Labour do just that in 1997, go with all the Tories ideas ? I can't remember too many bits of legislation that they rescinded after they got in ?
Right now if Cameron announced he was in favour of putting traffic wardens in clown suits Ol' Gordo wouldn't wait 24 hours before announcing it as policy as it's what the people have asked for. He 'will listen', and that is the everlasting con from a thoroughly discredited party who's only response to Maggie's remedy was to copy it and enforce with legislation those things which invaded our freedoms, and... take it to the bank. I was under the impression that the 'Labour' party was the one that represented the 'people' of this country but I never trusted them as I saw enough
hurt and suffering from their friends in the Trade Unions toward the innocent and the elderly in the early 70's to have any illusions about them. They like to imply they are the 'have nots' but the reality is somewhat different.
As for the Tories, one battle does not a war win. Cameron's gonna have to come up with something a little better if he wants my vote... Freeing us from the 'surveillance society' and indicting George Bush and Tony B'liar for crimes against humanity would be a start, and I'm sure other contributors could come up with a few more ?
It'd be quite interesting if he did.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers marky and chris, not much I can add to yer comments.