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Sunday, 18 May 2008

SNIFFIN' ROCK - 3 Track 7" feat: World Domination Enterprises, The Cateran, Bastard Kestrel.

This post’s gonna keep you on yer toes, and yer ears covered if you’re of a nervous disposition and inclined to startle at the sound of sudden noises, these 3 tracks are full of ‘em. The single was given away with Sniffin’ Rock fanzine #7 way back in 1988. First up there’s WORLD DOMINATION ENTERPRISES with a live version of their classic tune, Asbestos Lead Asbestos, a chaotic noise/a discordant driven drawl with abrasive and angular guitars that cut you to shreds. THE CATERAN were pronto grungers. They came from Edinburgh, and supported Nirvana on their first UK tour, their offering here is called Kitty Kitty Kitten. Finally we have the wondrously named BASTARD KESTREL, quite a favourite of the late great John Peel, imagine the Swell Maps meet Sonic Youth in a head on car crash and that’ll give you some idea of what Hooligan V.D sounds like. Enjoy this obscure/curio here. Be warned! it's not for the faint hearted, but hey you only live once.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post Nuzz.

Saw World Domination a fair few times. White Horse Hampstead and The Venue New Cross among other places. Great live band.

Saw The Cateran and Nirvana supporting Tad at SOAS on the Sub Pop tour around ‘89. Absolutely Storming gig. The Cateran were ridiculously loud.


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Never same World Dom, caught The Cateran when they played in Stevenage and saw Bastard Kestrel when they supported The Sears and The Shamen @ Notre Dame Hall, Leicester Square (I think it was), it's where I got the zine and EP. Nice one pipeline.