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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

THE RACKETEERS - Mad For The Racket

A rock’n’roll ‘super group’ in name confusion, it's The Racketeers or Mad For The Racket, depending on which pressing of the CD you’ve got. When it was originally released as a limited run in the UK on Track records they were called The Racketeers, but later the name was changed to Mad For The Racket for the worldwide release, on account of there being too many Racketeers about. One thing not in doubt was the credibility and credentials of the band. Take one ex MC5er (Wayne Kramer) a former Damned and Lord of New Church member (Brian James) and a Guns and Roses Bass player (Duff Magann) get Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Clem Burke (Blondie) to man the drum stool between them, and there you have the Racket; from Wayne’s Jazz and Hardcore attacks to Brian’s sleaze driven rock’n’roll, it’s foot tapping stuff , which unfortunately the critics were unimpressed with, calling them a “hopeless bar act” and saying the whole project “flat lined,” a bit harsh me-thinks, as both Wayne and Brian would be hard pushed to top some of the tunes they’ve both written over the years. I agree with Mr Kramer’s assessment of Mad For The Racket as a “Rock’n’Roll experiment gone right.” But hey! Don’t just take our word for it, give it a blast yerselfs, you know what to do, no questions asked, just click!


nekrodad said...

fuck nuzz,
I lost my copy years and years ago to addiction. I have been looking for years for a new one, just for the 1st track alone. And I find it here!!!!! wow thanks matey!!!!!

Dr. Strangemonde said...

Hah! I never knew about the Racketeers moniker before, but if that plus the Mad For The Racket band names were not confusing enough, I just picked up a test pressing that's credited to Brian James solo! (How it ended up at a thrift store in Austin Texas we may never know!)

- mnw

Anonymous said...

Can you please re post this ??