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Monday, 2 February 2009


The day London and the South East came to a standstill; The electricians were due to come today to rewire my house, but they couldn’t and my daughter didn’t go to school, all because of some snow. What the fuck! The ’authorities’ knew this was a possibility days ago with weather reports suggesting there may be heavy snow on the way, the worst since 2003 they were saying. Guess what I remember the snow of 03, and everything stopped then. “It’s the wrong sort of snow!” “The gritting was done too late“, “it’s the wrong sort of grit, because it doesn’t do anything if there’s a fresh snow fall.” Excuses, excuses, loads of money is spent researching embryos and how to prolong human life, but they can’t or don't want to find some sort of substance that is effective in melting snow on roads and railways, and keeping the country running. How can it be that the capital of Britain is effectively shut down because of some bad weather. This worries me. Especially when there’s the technology out there to modify the weather, and they are actually putting this into practice over our skies at the moment, ever heard of chemtrails ? (I digress, that’s a whole different post, that’ll be on its way soon.) I know it’s been bad out there, cos I’ve been out in it on my pushbike, great fun, glad I wasn’t driving though cos the roads hadn’t been gritted with the wrong grit at the right time, making them a bit slippy and it was gridlock on the main roads, got back and the Radio is telling people to stay at home and not to make journeys unless they are essential. I dunno……This worries me, I mean if people can’t carry on their lives as ’normal’ because of some snow, then what the fuck are they gonna do should some major disaster happen to the county. Another thing what do they mean by ‘essential’ ?some peoples jobs are essential to them, especially during the present economic downturn and threats of unemployment, all apart from electricians and teachers though.


Longy said...

I somehow expected a rant from you about this Nuzz and a good read it was too. I'm surprised the snow didn't affect your ability to get an internet connection too.

Seriously though. This country is a f****g joke. Not that you need me to tell you that.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers Longy, I don't like to dissapoint or perhapes I'm too predictable. Nah the only inernet problem I had was setting up the computer to write it, because I'd packed it away cos the electricians were due, yeah but the joke isn't that funny anymore, not that it was when Thatcher was about either, or even before that. Still you gotta laugh or else... and there's the music to keep us going. Stay Free and keep a song in your heart.

Chris Martin said...

This happens everytime we have more than 2" of friggin' snow. Other countries have more and for longer and they deal with it. What is wrong with this pussy country that we can't, even when we know it's coming, deal with a bit of slightly frozen water??