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Sunday, 23 August 2009

A FEW THOUGHTS. Re: The Release of Lockerbie Bomber.

Did Al Megrahi carry out the attack? Where Libya behind it?
America has no right taking any moral high ground over terrorist attacks, after all one of it’s Warships shot down an Iranian passenger flight a few months before the Lockerbie attack.
Deals over Trade and Oil. Blair and Brown meeting Ghadaffi. Peter Meddlesome and Prince Andrew meeting with Ghadaffis son.
Once again in the international world of real politik things start to stink.
Then there’s the Scottish government who made a decision that was bound to be controversial and stuck to it under pressure from America. They may well have been used as a pawn in the power game. After all Britain aint gonna want to be seen do anything to upset that ‘Special Relationship’ with America. You know, that one were we kiss their arse, and they shit all over us!
If there is any truth to the oil/trade theories then it looks like Britain’s gonna have shat all over Scotland. No change there then.


Anonymous said...

A few thoughts.

Fuck off and die you cretinous piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Time to get a proper Blogger ID methinks. Too many Nonie-mouse’s around these days ^

The more you dig, the more the complexities of this case start to unravel. It was difficult to gauge how many were actually there welcoming him off the plane at Tripoli, so for the 24 hr media to immediately start ranting and raving about a ’Massive hero’s welcome’ seemed slightly calculating on their part to ensure that the story had firm legs. Of course the politicians have to respond, and so it continues. All part of the game. It was a high profile case so there were bound to be a few hundred well wishers there when he got home.

Whilst not all of the Scottish relatives agreed that he should be released, most did. The humanity expressed by some of them was at times humbling.

Chris Ripple said...

Ah... Now here's a thing ?

Whichever way you go on this one is sure to piss somebody off.

First, was the bloke guilty or was he carrying the can for someone else ?
There is definitely some doubt over that.
Second, the fact that he was found guilty in law will make him guilty in many people's eyes, whether he was or not ?
Thirdly, He was tried in a Scottish court which does not have the same system as either the U.S.A. or England, but who's to say whose system is best ?
Fourthly, he was released compassionately on medical evidence by a Scottish Government Doctor to die, by a Scots chief justice or some such...
Is this not the way it should have been done if it was to be done at all ?

All the rest (until evidence comes to light), is just shere speculation.
Yes, all of the above post is credible, but none (as yet) proven.
The only real concrete pieces of evidence to come up in the whole sad scenario is the fact that some of the victims relatives are very upset with the decision (and I think they, of all people, would have that right to be so), and the fact that the Libyan Government told a few people lies about the 'welcome home' reception.
(Sorry 'nonymous, but if that was on a small scale, then my dick's a kipper)
But then you have to ask yourselves, would you trust Gaddaffi ?
and the fact that the reaction of the United States of America's Government is the most hypocritical piece of cant that I've ever heard.

Excuse me for pointing out that we had our own bunch of terrorists blowing the crap out of the U.K in the late 60's into the new millenium...
Did you ever send one of them back to stand trial for bombing the crap out of us ?
Not a single fucking one.
And not only that, but Sen. Edward Kennedy was happily promoting N.O.R.A.I.D. to all and sundry...
Come on... You would have had to lock up at least half of Boston and New York's finest for being related to the bombers and that might have just lost someone the Irish vote, so I really don't think anybody in the American Government has anything to tell the U.K about the pain that terrorism causes ?

And Anonymous ?
(Takes a lot of balls, doesn't it ?)
If you're just going to insult and not even comment then I really pity you...

Anonymous said...

Topical pre-emptive mention of Senator Edward Kennedy there Chris. When people talk of modern day terrorism on the streets of London and elsewhere they often neglect to mention the very recent history of the murderous IRA’s mainland bombing campaign.

As I had the misfortune to live through and be directly affected by those times, I would have welcomed the chance to some day have a frank exchange of views with the odious Irish Republican Army loving ’Teddy’. Sadly though, that chance has now gone.

As one of the more restrained ‘anonymous’ commenter’s, I will only say that as far a I am concerned, he was beneath contempt.

Nazz Nomad said...

The guy was a terrorist scumbag. "Medical compassion"???? No way.

Chris Ripple said...

Going by your response Nazz, then you would have kept The Guildford Four & The Birmingham Six locked up for life too.

I don't mind terrorists being locked up for life if they're guilty, but all too often it seems it's some poor sod in the wrong place at the wrong time who is then 'placed' where the police want them to be for the convenience of solving a high profile case, or are you one of these people who goes along with that scenario ?
and then again, there's Ronnie Biggs who was definitely guilty as charged...
Do you feel the same about him or do you see him as a hero 'cos he sang with The Sex Pistols ?