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Friday, 21 August 2009


Had a request for Nikki Sudden's Texas album a while back. I had planned to rip my original vinyl copy, but… had several technical problems with jumps, scratches and crackles that severely hampered ones listening enjoyment. With some stuff you can get away with it but not this time. You've got a photo of the original vinyls front cover, but as for the music... I invested in a digital copy, so that’s what you’ve got here, and a mighty fine listen it is to. Originally released in 1986 on Creation Records it was Nikki’s first release on the label and his first recordings since the Jacobites had split up and also his first recordings with Rowland S Howard, who appears on three tracks. Nikki’s brother Epic Soundtrack contributes Drums, Guitar and Piano throughout this painful and beautiful album. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

thanks nuzz, enjoy most of your posts..long may they continue!

allyramone said...

great post
i managed to rip album and 12'' by nikki sudden when he was with the last bandits...which also included members of the golden horde

planckzoo said...

Thanks, this is a great album that I have not heard in years.

Longy said...

Yet another fine piece of work by Nikki. The world is a much poorer place without him.

Cheers Nuzz

chris g. said...

thank you so much
if i requested it from you more than once, sorry, but i just had to hear this album after i heard wedding dress

can't put into words how gratifying it was to hear him sing "If your so fucking special, why d'you have to tell everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Nuzz.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuzz,

Couple of great Nikki shows available here -



Anonymous said...

hey , know where i can find the regular version of captain kennedy?

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thank you so much
if i requested it from you more than once, sorry, but i just had to hear this album after i heard wedding dress

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