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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nothing changes except the clothes.

Fuckin’ Unions. Fuckin’ Strikes. Fuckin’ Jobs for British workers. Everyone just playing out their roles in maintaining the capitalist system. Nothing will change. The bosses will still make the profit’s the workers may have gained a 3% wage increase, but they’ll only end up paying more for consumer goods etc further down the line.
The Media have questioned whether workers should be taking industrial action in a time of recession when everyone has little money, aren’t they just being greedy? Union have said no, why should their members suffer when companies are making profits. Both fair comments but……all that argument does is give the powers that be more ammunition to divide and rule the workers against each other, and maintain their power and control. cos all that will happen is that the bosses will start to use cheaper Labour ie Immigrants, and we know how people feel about that. So called left wing Unions start to show their true colours and rather than supporting all the workers they take a right wing stance and call for strike action.
The only way there will ever be a revolution is if all workers were to unite, regardless of their nationalities and have wildcat strikes, sit ins etc fuck what the Unions say and think, because they’re not really there to protect their members interests, they’re there to protect their own interests, which is to maintain the conflict between workers and bosses, because if there was no conflict they’d be out of a job. Capitalism thrives and survives on conflict and competition in both the Labour Market and the shopping market. SMASH THE MARKET PLACE! Tear up yer Union membership cards NEVER MIND THEIR BALLOTS, IT’S ALL BOLLOCKS!

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