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Saturday, 1 August 2009

*THOUGHTS OF THE WEEK* (26/7/09 - 1/8/09)

I get some good ideas when riding around on public transport. Especially when it’s a weeks free travel, courtesy of a promotion by the local bus company.
Why are my local council such a bunch of C***S. Sending me a Court summons for non payment of Council Tax for the month of July. £135.00, I got the summons on 29th July, I’d already paid the money a week earlier, and when the council originally wrote to me on 3rd of July telling me I was £135.00 in arrears I told ‘em when they would get the money. I questioned the Council over the whole affair and was told it had been a mistake and I should never have got the summons. W*****S !
Ironically on the same day I received the Court Summons there was also a letter from my favourite MP, Barbara Follett, saying sorry for her expenses, again. (this was the second one I’d received) apparently she felt the need for extra security as her local constituency office had been invaded and a dead fox had been hung over the gate of her house. Interestingly neither of these were mentioned in her first letter and I don’t recall anything in the local paper about both incidents.
Swine Flu - Some people have had bad reactions to anti-viral drugs. No surprise there then/Didn’t see that coming, and who would have thought that Doctors would have wanted more money for vaccinating people. And fuck me, if the government advisor on swine flu vaccinations doesn’t has vested interests in Glaxo’s. W*****S!
So the British Government are gonna send a man suffering from a mental illness to be tried under anti-terror laws in the USA, all because he hacked into their computers looking for info about UFO’s. Is it a coincidence that the British government refuses to fight his extradition, when the US are talking of cutting security links with Britain over the up and coming enquiry about Britain’s role in the torture of terrorist suspects. A Computer Geek/A Pawn in their games.
“He’s a private in a private army” I only heard this mentioned briefly on the Radio, not much coverage elsewhere, but I do recall an article in a paper a few months about the idea of giving Licensed Security firms Police powers of arrest, seems this is gonna be given the go-ahead. Neighbourhood Watch with muscles.
Stopping Tax Credits for families earning above £50,000 a year. Too right. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in my mind that’s a lot of money, more than enough to survive, unless you’ve got a swimming pool and paddock to maintain, in which case you’re gonna be doubly pissed off what with talk of Council Tax rising for people who have such things, as well as for those who have nice views, live near a park etc. I’m not 100% in agreement with this, because some social housing could be effected where tenants can’t afford to pay the extra for what the government deems to be a ‘nice view.‘ Now patios and those Japanese Zen Gardens, houses that have those should have to pay more on a purely environmental level; they look ugly. There’s far to much sparse concrete in towns and cities already, and they also stop rainwater being absorbed back into the water table. Talking of rain, it appears that some people aren’t happy with the Met Offices weather predictions for this Summer. For Fucks sake, I remember people moaning cos it was too hot, now it’s too wet, and you can bet yer last Dollar that the Winter is gonna be too cold for some people, and I aint talking about the Elderly either. I mean all this weather prediction. Nature aint some virtual computer simulation, it’s unpredictable and what with all the shit being pumped into the atmosphere all the time, it’s no wonder it does what it likes. While I’m on the subject of doing what you like, what about this assisted suicide right to die stuff. Sure it’s open to abuse, but really who’s life is it anyway? Talking of life, now the Government are trying to pay injured soldiers less compensation. W*****S!
Must remember to re-post some stuff Eater live @ Barbarellas 1977, Nikki Sudden Live in Stevenage 1993, and someone’s requested the Texas album by Nikki Sudden. Need to put one of those GnX6 Word verification things on the comment bit, keep getting bombarded by spam from Japan, which is making the comment bit down the side read like the Tokyo Times, sorry sexy, I’d rather read what people have to say, also need to try and respond to peoples comments a bit more. But time is tight and all that. S**T, it’s my stop. “Thanx driver.”


Longy said...

Some great thoughts there Nuzz. Its nice to know that your public transport actually turns up :-)

That spammers pissing me off too.

As for the weather,well a certain Mr B Connelly of Scotland hit the nail on the head many years ago when he stated "If I want to know what the weather will be,I'll look out the fuckin' window"

Anonymous said...

Not sure what to think about the Gary Mckinnon case. If he did hack into and temporarily disable the US computer defence systems around 2001/2 then that’s some serious shit, which potentially could have had equally serious ramifications for all of us. Were being encouraged to view him as a sort of geeky Moss type character from the IT Team, but as far as I’m aware he was only diagnosed with Aspergers a year ago, so you can’t help wonder if its just part of his ongoing, increasingly desperate and tenuous defence, and nothing more.

One things for sure, this so called ‘Special relationship’ with the US has always been a crock of shite. There should be no reason on earth why he can’t go to trial in this country. He actually did America a favour in highlighting their woefully inadequate defence systems. They should offer him a job at the Pentagon instead of sitting him in front of a Kangaroo court throwing him in Jail for thirty years. Our government won’t help him, of course. If they did step in it would be spun by the press as just another example of them appearing weak. They’ve already had their arses kicked very publicly by Lumley and the Ghurkhas, so this case, and that of the dying Biggs, are examples of them holing the line and wanting to be perceived as ‘Tough’.