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Sunday, 23 August 2009

PHIL SHOENFELT - Backwoods Crucifixion

Phil Shoenfelt, the missing link between The Clash and Nikki Sudden, (More about that in a future post) because this one concerns itself with his 1990 debut 8 track album Backwoods Crucifixion. A gothic masterpiece, notice the small g, because I aint talking Gothic as in Sisters Of Mercy, but gothic as in a laid back soulful, bone chilling, spine tingling, sleazy, swampy blues collection of songs. Not for the faint hearted or heartless, think Nick Cave and yer almost there. If this sounds like your bag then here you go. If not well…………..why not give it a blast, who knows you might find you like it, then again you might not, no harm in trying a shot though.


Bishop said...

Shoenfelt is still making music (and occasionally publishing a novel - http://www.twistedspoon.com/shoenfelt.html) - He was living in Prague when I left there two years ago.

Still burns up a stage, too.

Anonymous said...

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Kostas said...

Hello Nuzz . Tomorrow night , Live in the burning Athens : The Aggrolites . Great band !!!

exilestreet said...

I was working at Dingwalls when he arrived back in the UK (82?) with his band Khmer Rouge, had Marcia and Brix who ended up in The Fall and more LOL!
Not the best band but Phil was/is a really nice guy and his junkie Love novel is a good read and has a lot of faces that I remember from back then...in fact one Scots girl still lives in the same place in Camden Rd!!!
Thanx for this!

nekrodad said...

i actually used to have this back when i was a kid. now thanks to u have it again. have you ever heard of a band called the prefect disaster? they were on the same label i think.