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Saturday, 29 August 2009

A Post With No Title.

This aint going through no spam filter or quality control check. This is just a bunch of words, thoughts as they come. Fuckin’ X Factor ( My daughter’s watching it as I type) What a crock of shite. Self obsessed, deluded, wannabes, never will be losers, and that’s just the judges. Still keeps the punters happy and keeps the money rolling in. Always reminds me of some post-modern Christians to the lions type thang along with Big Brother etc. Crowds baying for blood. Football hooligans back in the news Millwall and West Ham, it was always gonna happen, and why really should we be surprised. I mean Football Hooligan Pasts have become a big seller in the market place Books and Films glorify the fights and fact that some people like a good punch up. The next bit of this isn’t right off the top of my head, it was the basis of a comment I left on another blog post about recent football violence. I said that perhaps ‘The Hooligans’ that wanted to fight should be left to scrap it out on some disused wasteland somewhere out of the way, in a Fight Club scenario.
Violence breed violence, never mind the old skool hooligans. We’ve got the new breed of knife wielding Playstation killing games reared hoodies on the streets who unlike the footie thugs have no real agenda.
How about getting them together as well and let them scrap it out. Go down the clockwork orange route of desensitisation through ultra violence, Fuck it, let anyone that wants to beat someone up gather in a specially constructed arena/area and let ‘em fight. I suppose you could have some control to it all with security guards/police etc who also don’t mind a bit of argy bargy. Release the tension, the rage, the anger. No one who doesn’t wanna get hurt wont, cos they wouldn’t be there. I dunno, perhaps you could film it and broadcast it for those that might wanna watch the spectacle. Don’t think I’d let my daughter watch it though.
Sounds crazy? Possibly Could be seen as a step to far? Probably. Perhapes it’s more the basis of a work of fiction rather than an idea /theory to make society a better place to live in, after all it’s not really a civilised idea for a civilised society is it? Not when you've got the X Factor and Big Brother.


Anonymous said...

As sad and pathetic the whole scenario may be to watch, it is clear from the endless footage on our TV screens that the police always struggle to contain any mob of massed, fit and up for it, predominantly working class geezer, football hoolies.

Conversely, a far larger mob of the malnourished, hugely stroppy but essentially peaceful trustafarian student types that make up the bulk of the G20/8 protesters, is always a pushover for a bit of casual law enforcement violence, and ripe for ‘Kettleing’.

Now if these two tribes were to swap roles for a day, that would be an interesting social experiment. Though I would wager a guess that climate change and dwindling world recourses are perhaps not the primary concern of an average home counties hooligan.

Chris Ripple said...

The Sunday Mirror has just printed a story about H.M. The Queen being a West Ham fan...

I just have this mental picture of her in my head screaming abuse at some poor Millwall supporter before bottling him...
Brings a whole new meaning to 'claret & blue...'