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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Fuck the(ir) recession with some CARBON/SILICON

I’ve spent most of the weekend smoking too many fags and blasting out Carbon/Silicon’s new release. The Carbon Bubble is a positive, uplifting total rock out, which finds M.J and T.J returning to their pre-punk roots and turning out twelve tracks of Prog/Glam Stomping 21st Century Punk Rawk, brilliant stuff, but this aint no retro shit; musically and lyrically this is as relevant as The Clash and BAD or Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik were, and just as inspirational. There’s no excuse for anyone not giving this a listen, it’s available from the bands website as an MP.Free so all it’s gonna cost yer is a few minutes of your time while you wait for the tracks to download, As a bit of a bonus, and so you don’t leave here empty handed here’s a couple of early versions of two tracks from the album; Reach For The Sky and What’s Up Doc. Enjoy! The image on the right accompanies Shadow, my favourite track on the album; A 6 minute slow burner of an anthem, which juxtaposes The 18th Century English Radical Politician and Journalist John Wilkes with a world of the Facebook X-Factor generation. Smoking!


Doug said...

Mr NP Wolf

I just downloaded the latest Carbon/Silicon.Also I have the live TV Smith on order.Always enjoy your blog.All the best.


Longy said...

Another wonderful gift from the C/S. A very uplifting album and I too love the track Shadow and particulary Don't Tazer Me Bro but I like em all really.

garychching said...

Thanks for points out the C/S stuff. Love it. Cheers mate