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Saturday, 14 November 2009

*THOUGHTS OF THE WEEK* or Unfinished Scribblings #3

All’s well in the world; they’ve found water on the moon. Great, human beings have nearly fucked up one planet, how long before the space cowboys start to fuck up another one. In the past the space race proved a good distraction for the people and good propaganda. The East and West spent millions shooting for the moon. I wonder if even in a time of global economic uncertainty countries are gonna be pumping money into space programs with the view to building a new world outpost?
Time for people to get real and take control of their own lives and situations. They/we need to work together to fix broken Britain. (That’s if it is really broken, or it’s just in the mind and eyes of the propagandarists.) There aint long and if the Tories get into power they’ll use a great big stick to beat the people into shape and submission, thanks to all these New Labour laws it’s gonna be a bigger stick than Thatcher had. That’s what David Cameron’s talking about when he says “We’re going to use the state to remake society.”
Don’t be fooled by the Tory sheen and smiles. Promises of this and that, cos it’s gonna cost and freedom is a high price to pay.
Short term solutions leave long term problems.
There are concerns that the BNP will be using funding that they get from Europe for propaganda purposes. It is sad, but they are entitled to this money. Ironically on the same day I read about this Gordon Brown finally said what he should have said years/months ago; that talking about immigration isn’t racist. Perhapes if he had then the BNP might not have won their two seats in the European parliament and no-one would be worried about how they spend their money. Nice one Gordon.
What about the letters debacle, I mean you couldn’t make this shit up. I aint Browns biggest fan, but I mean he tries to do the decent thing and write to bereaved families of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and is crucified in the media for his poor handwriting and spelling. I mean it’s not a good picture is it…Our one eyed half blind leader struggling to write with his felt tip pen. But that’s what it’s all about painting a picture to use for propaganda, and the media especially The Sun are gonna have their crayons out between now and the next election. Something only becomes an issue when it is made an issue; that’s the problem. Fact+Fiction=Friction!
Never mind blowing up the houses of Parliament the real threat to freedom and democracies comes from Murcoch and the media so lets blow up their headquarters. The alternative they are pushing is no real alternative just a bunch of heartless traditionalists who want to conserve the past and present it to the people as the future. I mean I don’t recall Thatcher handwriting letters to the families of the Falkland Islands fallen soldiers. David Cameron has moved forward, he doesn’t want to return to Victorian Values, he wants to return to those of the 1940’s and 50’s, the age of austerity. Yeah, but for who?

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Anonymous said...

Whilst Mrs Janes has my sympathy regarding the loss of her son, her subsequent actions around the letter and phone call are pretty low.

Its’ now being debated if he did actually miss spell the name at all. Noises-off from the other parties suggest they feel that the actions of the Scum and Janes are somewhat below the belt.

Brown won the Glasgow East by-election with a comfortable majority (Albeit a predictable one), and there is a palpable sense of public anger over the way he has been treated over the Janes letter. It’s not over till it’s over Dave!