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Friday, 20 November 2009

NIKKI SUDDEN - The Last Bandit

What else can I say about Nikki Sudden that I haven’t said over the numerous post I’ve done on him. Nothing! But that would do him a dis-service and make this post a Rather lazy one. Let’s go then. The Last Bandit is a compilation of 18 of his songs, compiled by Nikki himself. I’ll steer clear of calling it a ‘Best Of’ but it’s a great collection and introduction if you’re not familiar with his work. It draws from his solo albums so there’s none of the stuff he did with Dave Kusworth here, but there’s still a good cross section of some beautiful love lorn laments alongside the lo-fi and the rock’n’roll. For those already touched by Nikki’s magic, it’s a valuable companion to the albums the tracks are taken from and a different way to listen to the songs he chose for us, but also a sad reminder of what we lost when Nikki died. Stay bruised!


Longy said...

Cheers Nuzz I haven't got this one. Lifes a poorer place without Nikki for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping my old friends memory alive...forever missed.

nekrodad said...

Damn Nuzz,
I love you in a very none gay way for this, I have a boot i made in 2000 of nikki at a club out here in the good ole usa. Someday when i have a way to upload it i will for you. Also, im still working on Gunslingers, i keep putting it on my back burner. sorry mate, also over at my blog, if your intrested, i just post the newest Lords cd Hang on, its the reformed band. They got 2 singers, one sux and the other is a good stiv wanna be.


also check out the hanoi gig as well mate.


4 dogs records said...

Hi Wolf !
Thank you very much for the stuff about Nikki,can you upload Jacobites'album " LOST IN A SEA OF SCARVES" ?

Wally said...

This is a great album - Have you heard Nikki's cover of If I could Write Poetry which he finished for our TVP tribute and featured Epic's drumming - I can send you an mp3 of that or the CD that it was feaured on. I still have a copy of the Jeremy Gluck CD if you didn't get a copy yet.

Chris G. said...

hey nuzz, i did a post on rare richard hell i thought you'd like to see it

get it get getit get it

nekrodad said...

hey nuzz,

do you have the full cd of this? from what i remember it has 19 tracks on one cd and the other cd has 6 acoustic songs. maybe this is a different pressing? i know it was issued in like 6 countries.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot NUZZ for this one.
Cheers orvar66...from Chatterbox forum.