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Saturday, 14 November 2009

THE VIBRATORS - Rip Up The City (Live)

Recorded in Germany in the early 80’s and originally released in Germany on vinyl in 1986 as The Vibrators - Live This is the Receiver Records re-release from 1999 with a couple of extra tracks and a new title; Rip Up The City - Live. When this was recorded Pat Collier had been replaced on Bass by Noel Thompson, but Eddie, Knox and Jon Ellis were still there banging out a career spanning set of numbers from Baby Baby and Keep It Clean to Rip Up The City and Crazy Dream. This is power pop punk rock at it’s best, but don’t just take my word for it, this is what Alex Ogg had to say in the linear notes “This CD catches The Vibrators, survivors of the punk wars with over two decades’ worth of battle scars to show their grandchildren, playing live in Germany in the early eighties. While the punk movement as a whole has been recognised for its social and political import, some of its originators continue to be written out of it’s history. For want of being fashionable, The Vibrators have suffered more than most from this affliction. Yet The Vibrators best songs - Judy Says, Baby Baby, Automatic Lover, all included here, argue against such flippant dismissals.” Check it out here for yourselves. Satisfaction guaranteed! After 30 years The Vibrators are still buzzin’ with a new album Under The Radar recorded and ready for release by Captain Oi in either December or early next year. Can’t wait.
Looks like there's a problem with track 6 of this download, their classic slice of punk/pop Baby Baby. Anyway here it is as a single MP3, for you to download and slip in with the rest of the tracks. Hopefully this wont be 'corrupted'



Thanks !!! We love the Vibrators ! hope Knox is well now !

roberto said...

I don't remember this was soo good! Thanks,and I discovered the vinyl's still in my home...great

planckzoo said...

I own the first version of this CD, I love it. Thanks for sharing it so more people could hear how good it is.

nanar said...

thanks, the vibrators are great and they do a great exploited cover (or is it the other way round???? lol)

but can we have a reup??? looks like the archive is corrupted and trax 6 cant be extracted!


Chris said...

Thanks for this Nuzz...track 6 wouldnt extract for me either ! Watched them in Wigan a few weeks back....fantastic night,had Nigel from The Members playing with them...even played sound of the suburbs !

Chris said...

Thanks for re-upping baby baby Nuzz.....much appreciated !

nekrodad said...

HEY nuzz,
thanks for this, gotta love the vibrators, i seen them back in 2000, and party all night with knox, he was a great bloke. he talked about the 1st fallen angels l.p. for hours, and what it was like to work with hanoi rocks.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post but i d/l it several times and it contains only 6 tracks (extra link for track 6 included)...
I guess there s more tracks on this release so can you please re-up it ?
I m tryin to find it but it s only here !!!
All the best.